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  1. No I haven't it all started right after titania prime dropped I got on around 1:48pm and it started about 1 minute later
  2. Me and my pangolin prime just 1 shot them with my insane 1.4 mil red crit heavy attacks that penetrate their shields
  3. Anyone else worried about red crit heavy attacks with their pangolin prime without any combo doing 1.4mil damage like mine is against everything with 84% status
  4. Yeah no this would cause every player to instantly quit playing ruining de instantly
  5. This is the second time it's happened to me this time its about to be 1 day now on my xbox and its bothersome that it's not fixed as soon as it starts happening
  6. De really screwed up this one by making the already trash pure status alt fire cost 4 rounds per shot but made it harder to use with the manual detonation like with penta it deserves at least a 22% cc and 2.4x crit multiplier and the buck shot needs 3 more pellets and 50-60 more base damage along with 6% more crit chance and 3% more status but will de ever stop giving trashy buffs no they just dont comprehend the fact we hate their insulting buffs that do absolutely nothing but screw up weapons that needed real buffs
  7. It should also have a sizable crit chance and damage buff to back up its terrible performance with the cost of 4 rounds per shot something like 18% cc increase and .8x crit increase because as it sits its insanely hard to hit anything after 8 meters because it does nothing with how you made it manual just like penta there's a reason we use napalm rounds on penta we hate remote detonation entirely de
  8. You just had to ignore corinth primes desperate need for power creep now immediately buff the buck shot by 12% cc and 4 pellets with an extra 50 base damage per Pellet then buff the air burst to 24% cc and 2.4x crit and stop making garbage pure status explosive weapons your sad pure status weapons suck without crit and that garbage 90% falloff remove it
  9. Then you better get the update sent to cert for consoles by Friday we wont be patient for very much longer
  10. We demand you guys immediately return the cost of everything in the scarlet spear vendor to dev stream levels 2000 for the rifle 3000 for the lacera 500 for uncommon arcanes 250 for common everything needs to immediately get reduced or you guys will continue to lose our support by 35% every 7 hours we hate your stupid grinding game end this here and now
  11. De we players prioritize less grind over more grind you actually expect us to play your little game no sorry either remove every ounce of grind from this event in the next hotfix or resign your ownership of warframe cold hard truth hurts but deal with it
  12. Still no real reworks to save you from all the failures you have here de
  13. Congrats de every shotgun is still useless without 100% per pellet only 1 benefited from this but it's still trash now buff exergis's cc and cd to 24% and 2.2x crit to save it
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