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  1. Total not needed we need more riven drops in streams
  2. While penant is arguably our best 2 handed nirvana tatsu is always going to be the worst so could we see it get another cc and CD buff up to 29% cc and a 2.3x crit please it's only fair because tatsu still sucks Even with the kill mechanic
  3. Your heracy will end now stropha needs its projectile range just flat out doubled its fine with everything but to use it past 16m you need jet stream zephyr
  4. Still not seeing anything worth calling a buff xaku is still the worst frame in the game void damage only affects sentients and provides absolutely no damage increase to anything else he needs a total rekit removed anything slightly void based except the ultimate
  5. Except it's not explosive in the slightest it's just a deadly piercing impact heavy shot with the range of the heavily nerfed catchmoon secondary
  6. The fact is the tier 5 40-60 bounty is barren add 2 of the rare necramech mods as an uncommon or rare drop for each rotation
  7. It's not a shotgun it shoots 1 single high damage projectile it should not have fall off
  8. Its strong yes but why in the name of hell does it have to have the shortest range of all gun blades 8-16 meters is to short it needs double that because its useless to damage outside point blank
  9. We better see an immediate buff to 100% mod drop chance and increase all rare mods to a 10% drop chance before consoles get this useless hotfix because we don't want 3 useless mods in a faction when the good one is irrelevant with it not increasing the arquebex in any way
  10. Still you failed to make xaku viable in any mission he needs 2 abilities completely removed anything with void damage does absolutely nothing without sacrificing everything for a specific build its just an absolute failure of a community designed frame you guys selected
  11. Its the absolute worst secondary in the game it has a base 10% cc on impact and 0% status while the explosion has 0% cc and 25% status it needs a flat 25% to both cc and sc on impact and explosion with an extra 75 base damage and put its crit mult up to 2.4x
  12. Only sad thing with nezha prime's riven disposition changes including arch gun mausolon will permanently be 0.5 because everyone will use it for its extremely heavy damage on its primary and alt fire after 5 super quick kills to unlock the 8 meter mob nuke railgun blast
  13. Technically the cave in cerebrum magna hints when in the necramech about something secret there and it's the brain of a sleeping baby wyrm so it may be a boss in the future only a necramech can fight
  14. Well it doesn't get buffs from its ability and never gets stronger as guard mode ranks up and it's an archwing exalted gun that you can only use on the squish mech with an extremely heavy projectile that has an absolute max range of 85 meters when your aiming high to compensate for the heavy arc
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