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  1. Its strong yes but why in the name of hell does it have to have the shortest range of all gun blades 8-16 meters is to short it needs double that because its useless to damage outside point blank
  2. While the only other 2 we have are either crit focused or pure status the mausolon boasts 168 damage 120 on the impact and a 48 heat aoe with 30% cc 2.2x crit mult and 26% status chance with a 300 round mag and a decent manageable fire rate of 8.33 but its kicker is the hilariously strong 4k base damage alt fire 1k on impact with a 3000 damage 6 meter aoe heat explosion that's a charge and holdable before any mods added it blows imperator vandal and phaedra out of the water in every way shape and form so is it replacing the old outdated weapons personally yes
  3. This is a really fun pet with the panzer shooting quills that deal viral damage and can proc viral
  4. I just got a damage crit chance and crit damage war riven so I hope it gets buffed
  5. Me I just want war and galatine prime to get their dispositions buffed the 0.5 hurts as a riven is effectively obsolete in their case
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