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  1. There used to be a move right after the upper cut that can be best described by the gif yixing posted further above your comment. That move made the entire stance way more fun, and when paired with tekko allowed for epic levels of crit and slash DPS. Also when paired with something like max primed fury your character literally became a blur.
  2. No joke I literally got limbo just to make a timestop meme build with that move
  3. That sucks, that combo was literally one of my biggest reasons I liked the game.
  4. In the gaia's Tragedy stance there was one combo called forests remorse where your Warframe did like 14 punches super quickly in under 1 second. I just tried the stance again after coming back to the game on a new account after a few months and that move is missing from the combo. Is it a bug? If not does anyone know why they removed it?
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