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  1. crits do exponentially more damage to the eidolon because of its wonky dmg formula therefore getting as much cc as possible is advised. The lohrin (tier 3) brace provides 12% additional cc which makes it the preferred brace from cetus. But the 123 is still superior to the 223 in terms of eidolons
  2. Check out this channel:https://www.youtube.com/c/AznvasionsPlays he does lots of 6x3s with many different weapons
  3. The bounty doesn't show up until a few minutes after night starts and will disappear a few minutes before night ends
  4. Just equip the high noon stance and press your melee key once while standing still and wait a bit for the attack to end then repeat it. This will strip 120 base armour. On gant repeat this as well and on hydro you can slam into him to strip a further 24 base armour
  5. It's not really. It's the DPS's job to charge the first lure. If they dont get log voms, it's still their responsibility. There are plenty of other ways to quick charge a lure with 2x vom spawns. For example the +1 vom that spawns at terry or doing a +2 and spawning an entirely different set like this: pretty much never in rc which is why if you want to dps you need to know another method to fc if no log dash voms. wdym, the basic fast charge is literally to just go around 100-120m away from the lake lure and 30-40m off the ground and then inch forward
  6. The basic FC is literally just force spawning voms at lake lure so no it doesn't require people to do very specific actions upon loading into poe. If you are talking about log dash then maybe? But even that is still pretty simple, just 4 dashes once u get out of gate towards the tree on the left to spawn voms on the hill for dps. it spawns at 34s if someone has "damaged" the eidolon's shields b4 27s. Or it is supposed to but ever since deadlock protocol its been pretty inconsistent, especially in a 4 man make sure the lures are held a bit b4 the stairs or the loot will t
  7. you should be trying to get a 177 not x27, thats old meta
  8. For the unairu wisp user who is the dps and shoots the synovias the amp really doesn't matter as they aren't shooting the shields but if you really want to min-max, the 774 or 777 is best. Klamora is really nice for killing voms and the 4 brace anspatha provides additional operator and amp energy regen which is nice Qol
  9. There are alot more uses than that, see my previous post. I would still definitely say raplak is the best prism choice for VSing. You can also go back into void mode or swap back into your frame and you won't take knockback
  10. No klamora is not tied with raplak. I only said they were tied for highest CC. Klamora is horrible compared to raplak and brings absolutely nothing when playing VS as the instant you even try to use it all your VS stacks are gone. Just go into say the Simulacrum and practice dashing back and forth. You only need to press space to go forward and space + s to go back while in void mode. So it should look like this. Hold Ctrl (for void mode) + space then s + space and you just repeat that. The trail is called blazing dash in the madurai tree and is only helpful for killing the voms as i
  11. No, the prism is not irrelevant at all. Raplak is the best prism you can use and here is why: Raplak has the highest crit chance (tied with klamora) of all the amp parts and can reach 92.8% cc with shadow and 7 brace. This means that once you have enough VS to 1 shot the shields with raplak on a crit it is very good because it will basically always crit. Propa only has an 80% cc with shadow and 7 brace meaning there is still a 20% chance it won't crit. Which might not seem big but you can really notice it during hunts. The second reason is raplak is use to cover for when propa doesn'
  12. it is sadly :c and its a S#&$tier reskin :Cccccc
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