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  1. Any Idea what TIME? (debating whether to stay up till midnight AST to see if I can update and play a bit with friends :))
  2. Can you guys fix a bug related to one of Saturn proxima's missions? (I think it's called Lupia's Pass or something. The bug is essentially after objectives are complete you will be fighting endless waves of fighters with no way to complete the mission without having to basically abort. (I tried the mission 8-12 times both solo and with a squad of people between MR26-30(im only MR 13 tho) and the mission bugged out every single time in a row)
  3. Can you guys fix the new sentinel not leveling up properly? (Did 5 runs of hydron till 15 waves each and the sentinel only went from unranked to rank 3. Also while upgrading the sentinel, the mod capacity counter stayed at 24....leaving me guessing how much capacity I actually had. (This sentinel was purchased from the In game market).
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