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  1. Don't know if this has been replied to, but you DO have to rank up immediately. If you don't, you waste the rep as it doesn't carry over to the next level. AND you lose rep with the opposing faction, making it really easy to be max negative rep with all the factions who you aren't working for. This system can work, but it needs a LOT of work to get there.
  2. Katotsu

    Bug: Minimap

    Bump this thread cause still there.
  3. Katotsu

    Bug: Minimap

    I was going to make this thread. I was also going to add a new post every mission it happens after, listing the amount of times it happens. I'm pretty sure that'd get me flagged for spam, and am glad you found some causes. Also, PLEASE give us the option to make the minimap start enlarged.
  4. I'd agree, but its only Warframe.
  5. Pretty sure this is Warframe as I've not run into it with anything else. At a random time while playing, my computer will lose all its I/O devices. Screen is "unplugged", sound goes, I don't know if my keyboard or mouse can even do anything. The fix is to hard reset my computer. Soft resetting doesn't do anything. Its happened to me at least 5 times now, starting BEFORE U15. This is not a U15 bug. I really don't know what the deal with this one is. Anyone else have this happen?
  6. Metroid Prime did a good job with its map/minimap. It didn't have the expand option though. Also, my map has been randomly returning to minimap while playing. And I'm STILL waiting on a "Minimap starts expanded" option. Come on DE, is it REALLY that hard to put another option switch in the game?
  7. Wait, this happened to me. Only mirrored horizontally. And that mod looks like the old placeholder.
  8. You forgot that we can revive the Stalker, and make Defense missions super fun Arlayn. A revivable Defense pod. That kills people!
  9. So this was my introduction to the new lockers. Kinda defeats the intent of changing them, no? Its also been more and more common as I've run missions.
  10. I got emergency evac'd when I was 1km away from a mod that was even FURTHER out of bounds. Lost a ton of good loot because of it. If we get emergency evac'd, it should at least let us keep mods. This is stupid. Edit: Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I got the "out of bounds" message roughly 3 sec before I was extracted. No time to turn back. Just enough time to start reacting.
  11. Where are these? Fixed while I was posting :P
  12. Whenever there's a host migration, I lose the ability to go up or down. I can force myself up or down by using terrain. Basically, its like I'm running on ground.
  13. Actually, many warframes have two abilities that rely on the same strengths, if not all of them. You just have to know how you want it to be built. Also, unless the devs have said otherwise, balanced and planned endgame is enemy level 40. I laugh at that cause we can effectively be lvl60, but people who want to spend 1hr in a game to fight lvl120 enemies are just not playing the right game.
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