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  1. The new Corpus Ship tileset's reactor has, apparently, two slots where the fuel/coolant cells can be introduced. However, when we interact with the one that's market for the reinsertion of the cell, the animation doesn't actually show the cell going into it. The cell simply appears in the *other* slot on the other side of the reactor. Here is a video explaining what I mean. I this one I am reinserting the fuel cell into the reactor. As you can see, it doesn't go into the right slot. It goes into the other one.
  2. As title says, equipping Presidio Regulators Skin on Mesa's Regulators removes the muzzle flash when the guns fire. Here's the unskinned Regulators. Muzzle flash is present: Here's the Regulators with the Presidio Skin. No more Muzzle Flash when firing:
  3. As the title says, when we're aboard a Capital Ship in Railjack missions and a lockdown is activated or the alarms are raised (such as in an Extermination mission), the security consoles do not display the right textures. Picture below:
  4. As the title says, even at lower elevations the many holes in the skybox become evident. I took these two screenshots at a higher elevation to make the problem clearer:
  5. As the title says, several textures are missing from both the Grineer Specimens and the Worker Drones experimenting on them inside the Sea Lab Tileset's Cloning Tanks. Here are some screenshots. This one shows missing facial textures for the worker drones (they used to have Grineer faces). The next one shows that, in addition to the drones' faces, the texture is missing on the specimen's exposed arms and legs:
  6. As seen in the below picture, there is no interactive prompt to hack the console. I failed the mission shortly after this was taken. I encountered this bug twice, but it doesn't have 100% reproductibility
  7. The datamass drops from one of the enemies in the base and it is used to unlock the base for further Orb Vallis missions. However, upon leaving the base for a while and coming back, not only do the hostiles respawn inside the (already captured) base, but they also drop a new Datamass. Like in the picture below: The base is Blue, Captured, yet a datamass has recently dropped from a killed enemy. This eventually leads to the place being littered with datamasses after several missions.
  8. As the title says, the HUD element overlaps with the combo counter as seen in the below picture
  9. Small request, but could this update PLEASE give us the new Grineer Galleon model in the spacescapes outside of Railjack?
  10. Much like back when Orb Vallis' races were introduced, Boon's transmissions lacked lipsync, so do Grandmother's transmissions in the Cambion Drift. Here is an example: As you can see, her mouth doesn't move as she speaks.
  11. This device changes in appearance at the end of the quest, when we put the Key in. There's supposed to be Orokin Vines coming from the back and the Key should be in its slot. These are pictures from the activation cutscene: Here are some pictures from an actual mission, so from after the Railjack is fully activated. None of the above changes persisted in-game
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