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  1. In a recent update the Viper secondary received a more detailed reload animation with an ejecting clip. Looks like this: However, the Viper Wraith variant doesnt have the animated clip and model while reloading. It looks like this:
  2. Moa on the left uses an orange-red color for the Metallic slot. But the brackets display a washed-out pink, while the Model and Core display the orange. I posted a second Moa I made with the new components recently to show how this color difference is not the case with other brackets (Hona in this case) - all the metallics are of the same shade
  3. Gating off story content to a certain period of time is wrong and only adds FOMO, no matter how long or short it is.
  4. I hope that after the end of this series at least, visiting the weave will no longer cost anything so that people can freely explore the story content of this event
  5. This device changes in appearance at the end of the quest, when we put the Key in. There's supposed to be Orokin Vines coming from the back and the Key should be in its slot. These are pictures from the activation cutscene: Here are some pictures from an actual mission, so from after the Railjack is fully activated. None of the above changes persisted in-game
  6. It's really gross how many people are posting "All Lives Matter" in this thread. It's either a racist dogwhistle or you're simply not getting the point at all. At this point, I tend to think it's the first one. #BLM
  7. I've been reporting this bug for almost a year. It's very old and very obvious. My previous threads about it have been locked, yet it remains unresolved:
  8. I like the new effects for the Kitguns and Simulors but they both have this hard-edged distortion effect:
  9. Tusk Thumper weapons are floating outside the main body. Please fix this
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