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  1. "My choice"? What the. So you would be okay if they "forget" to mention a graphics engine change in the next update that completely makes your display (that can do 144hz with 1ms and excellent color/black rep on PC btw) unusable? Guess you have to go and choose to buy something that supports a setting that the Developer thinks is "the way to go" then, huh. Bummer.
  2. Okay. Unless I've used the wrong grammar or something that confuse you, I'm sorry, english is not my mother tongue. Click the link. Read what the Developer stated had changed with the game. Check what people said in reply. THIS is my experience also.
  3. It's PROBABLY not being noticed by people who have HDR on their display (which I guess to many consoles gamers is rundor TV, which rarely is 20+ years old and this have gaming settings and HDR etc) I do not.. And also console players rarely critique changes to their settings I've noticed, mostly if they missed out on some skin. They rarely type anything anywhere, at all. Having gamed on PC since Quake these kids of changes are deal breakers. Don't mess with my config and visuals, man!
  4. There are plenty of screenshots and videos in the link I provided which was the PC players in an uproar over the exact same issues I'm having. I turn all settings down, like I've had for years then the whole game gets an incredibly dark and indistinguishable. I can't see jack with scanner, it's now apparently The Incredible Hulk's Binoculars as everything has green filter. No mining markers, etc. I turn up graphics then there's glare brightness effect as well as annoying particles. I cba to record video on consoles and link for songs forum warriors.
  5. What happened DE? This goes for me on PS4 as well: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1203051-psa-brightness-changes-in-hotfix-2806/ I can't see synthesis scanner blips, mining weak points, vomvalysts, other players effects. I feel like I'm being dumped on here. Being weaker machines than most PC's I really made a GOOD use of being able to turn EVERYTHING down to save as much frames as possible. You never know what random lag might occur that will drop your FPS. Can be matchmaking from a shed in the woods, 3 Vaubans that never heard a nail grenade nor saw a Bastille before, Everyone using max fire rate Miniguns... But now you arrogantly state that I have to go buy a display with HDR "going forward" to be able to see and enjoy myself again? F that. Test your patches on consoles too please and not just using a high end TV. I am gaming on a my BenQ XL2430T and don't have any better option. Sorry for being a bit peeved but it's 1 day to Tenno on and I had booked this time to be able to not stress about getting what I want. Untested and nonchalant updates DO stress me out.
  6. Did not receive drop. I can get other things (Syandana - Check, Twitch Prime Loot - Check) but never got something from watching stream for 30 minutes. I have followed your links and guides to the letter. Thought I missed a few minutes but this time I watched EVERYTHING but the first 5 minutes. Still nothing. I followed this guide https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003353712-Twitch-Drop-Guide No change. I've watched hours of streams but never got anything from what I can remember anyway. Is there some trick to it?
  7. Angst much? I'm MR20 and consider myself a regular player and I have not seen a Kuva Lich nevermind kill/convert one. The game is not full of You's. There are Me's, who refuse to grind anything ever again and be chill instead of becoming bitter and resentful (like what 6 years of Destiny did to me). There's also Them's, Those's, She's, He's, It's...and a bunch of Clem's. After 25 years of gaming online and seeing and doing it all, basically. I'm extremely impressed with DE's ongoing close interactions with their players and their constant quest for improving the game while providing the most satisfying Patch Notes (details matter). They acknowledge issues and face tough music, often live and unscripted. Try DICE/Bungie/Rockstar/etc game for a while. Or leave constructive feedback without sarcasm spewing through every orifice. I'm at least happy and having a blast daily. Then again I'm not burned out.
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