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  1. I got nothing. I checked for the wave rewards I saw come up. They weren't in my inventory.
  2. Defense. To clarify. I was surrounded by lv. 172 infested. Using my A button like crazy to mele. I died, became a life support tombstone, the screen prompts, "so you wish to extract and get screwed over by DE" I'm still hitting A. And your pulled from the mission instantly. Keep in mind this process happens in milliseconds. Why not prompt to hit B or some other button to extract without reward. After the mission there is no mission progress option, it didn't happen.
  3. Was probably longer. I was on wave 58. Infested. Much easier than grineer or corpus.
  4. On wave 58 of arbitration I was fighting for dear life. Using my mele weapon, the same button that accepts extraction of the mission. My god has DE not realized this exists the game with no secondary acceptance? I lost an hours worth of resources, all wave rewards. X box
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