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  1. I am still confused. :D I'll take your word for it though.
  2. I like this alot. Like alot alot, like what I am looking for alot, Thank you. :)
  3. What do you mean by this? How would that give you more buffs?
  4. This helps, although is there any way to pin point when a specific bounty for a specific mod is coming out so I can just be like "Oh ok, well I have to wait until X date to get this mod"?
  5. How do you know when a planet it about to change its rotation to a certain mod? For example, I want Weeping Wounds from Deimos but it is not there form Mother's bounty's at the moment.
  6. Anyone have a good Smeeta build with [Charm] and [Tek Enhance]? I have looked on overframe.gg but I the top voted one didn't look like its updated as it was from two years ago, illsanity's build looked better but it looked like it was not optimized, so I am pretty much at a lost for a good build for Smeeta Kavaat.
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