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  1. It wasn't a mistake, it was more like a trick. I've said it all before, but to sum up here, the game basically threw a kitgun at me. There was absolutely zero signposting to say making one was a bad idea, and tons of in-game encouragement to make one as soon as possible. It was presented as a tutorial. I keep coming back to that, and people keep dismissing it, but it's true. Starting planet, pretty early into that planet, NPC screaming across the map about them the second I walk in. Able to do it after one low level quest, cheap. Easy to farm resources right outside of the city, super low level enemies, no faction standing requirement, and foundry construction times that are literally only otherwise seen on tutorial items. Without something saying "this is endgame content" you'd literally never know that. It is in no way gated, no way difficult, no way expensive, and the weapons themselves are barely more powerful than the standard stuff on offer. It isn't until you gild them, drop a bunch of forma, and get an arcane that they become something special. And I'm fine with all that being endgame, buy why does the gun itself; a gloried TUTORIAL item, not allow me to gain mastery rank when doing so is one of the most important things for me to be doing? Secondly, it's funny that you mention other MMOs because they all do something that makes it clear when you've wandered into endgame; level gating. Warframe half-asses it with master locks on market place guns, but kitguns have no master lock on them. Putting one on there would pretty much solve everything. Make them like a MR10 or MR15 or something, and all of these issues go away. Its a simple, obvious fix, so of course DE are too incompetent to do it. But yeah, be careful when invoking the specter of MMOs to defend all this grind, because by comparison Warframe is a really S#&$ty MMO. And I've played some bad ones. Warframe is just a hair better than Korean free-to-play bad. Again; if it weren't for the moment to moment play being so fun, this game would have been bought up by Perfect World and left to die in obscurity a long time ago.
  2. You mean the like, 13 weapons total I can have at any given time? Raising MR requires a constant cycle of craft weapon > rank weapon > delete weapon. Nothing is in the back burner; there is no back burner. If it isn't building MR it's taking up space and should be tossed in the trash. I was told before that I should trade for plat and buy more slots, but that just started a whole other thing. And that other thing, and this thing, and another thing, all ultimately comes down to the same core issue; Digital Extremes doesn't know what the heck they're doing. This game is a mess. A very fun mess. But a damned mess all the same. One problem leads to another problems leads to another problem because one feature depends on another feature depends on a missing feature, depends on a broken feature. I mean honestly; this game has been out for like six or more years and yet still feels like a half baked early access title. If the moment to moment play wasn't so fun, it would have crashed and burned long ago.
  3. First off, basic math. Hornet Strike at max has a cost of 14. With a polarized slot that drops to 7. At MR6 any pistol I have will only have 6 capacity. Solve for "that won't work" and remember to show your equations. Secondly, all you've done is sidestep the issue I raised. So I'll ask again; why are new player encouraged to craft (super easy and inexpensive to obtain) weapons that prevent them from raising their mastery rank, while also not being informed that those weapons prevent them from doing so?
  4. Sounds like you've been so high MR for so long you don't even know what it does. Mod capacity is the most directly game effecting one sure (I'd say ranking up a weapon is meaningless if it popped out of the foundry with 30 capacity too. At that point there is no functional difference between rank 1 and rank 30. But imagine if your gun only had 6 capacity. Mod that.) but it isn't the only one. For one more than half the weapons in the market place require mastery rank to craft or use. Archwing launcher? Mastery gated. Heavy weapons? Mastery gated. Pets? Mastery gated. Pets that don't die as fast? Mastery gated. Main story quests? Mastery gated. Raising standing with every faction or syndicate in the game? Mastery gated. Heck there are nodes on every planet, including earth, that are mastery gated. Maybe you're a vet and all this was added later so you never noticed, but master rank effects EVERYTHING. So a weapon that actively prevents you from raising your mastery rank is a huge handicap for a new player. I get that arcanes are a bit boost. I get that gilding a kitgun makes it more powerful outright. I understand reactors and dumping forma into a weapon. I am fine with all that. But why put a weapon in a new player's path, encourage them make it "just to see how cool things get" and then TURN OFF their ability to level up while using it WITHOUT TELLING THEM? Kitguns should either A; not be craftable AT ALL until it is reasonable to gild them, or B; not require gilding to build MR. If it is something new players can get to be teased with the later phases of the game, then option B. If it is meant to be endgame and ONLY endgame; option A. Having this strange combination of the two is just plain bad design, and no amount of fanboy defense, indifference, or forum bullying is going to change that fact. It's literally game design 101; drop content where it is supposed to go, not just randomly wherever it will fit. Doing the latter is both lazy, and supremely incompetent.
  5. Fallout 4 didn't actively prevent me from leveling up because I was in power armor. And it certainly didn't turn off exp gain and then NOT TELL ME it was doing so. Also, I keep seeing people saying that kitguns are these ultra powerful things, but I'm not seeing it. Side by side they look more or less on par with a MR6 or MR7 sidearm. "Well you just need better mods and the right build!" Okay, but that begs the question; is it the kitgun that is so powerful, or is it your endgame build and warchest of maxed out mods? I'm beginning to think these are not as powerful as you guys think they are, and that maybe due to "spoiled by endgame mods" you don't actually know how one weapon stacks up to another WITHOUT those things. Seriously; go make an ungilded gaze (it'd take me about an hour, so you've no excuse) and compare it to that marketplace low MR laser thing WITHOUT YOUR PRECIOUS MODS; not that big of a difference. Seriously; without a ton of super mods and a half dozen forma kitguns are not that impressive. So "you should have known by how powerful they are" is not a valid argument.
  6. I am beginning to get the impression that you, like many here, are violently allergic to context. The person I responded to specifically said he believed I was having trouble LEVELING the kitgun, this was obviously not the case. I realize for certain types of people reading can be difficult, but do try to keep up.
  7. That's another thing...the game doesn't seem to actually HAVE a main guest line. There are quests, yes, and there is a story being told...sort of. But as far as a consistent narrative providing context for the experience and guiding new players through content? Nope. The "main quests" of this game just sort of pop up, unceremoniously, when you get to a specific planet, and then just go to sleep for a while. Three or four planets later they will wake up again and toss you a new objective, but even that isn't announced. Quests are buried in a sub-menu of your codex, and the only way to know you have one is to check. And they open up so far between it is easy to forget the game HAS quests at all. Its just "do this thing..okay, now leave me alone until you get to X planet in ten or twenty hours. You're on your own until then." The more I think about it, and the more I research it and find this is exactly the case, it seems that "content" in this game is an afterthought; something patched in months or years after release to supplement the dull planetary mission structure. And that would be fine, except DE created this content from the perspective of someone who already had the full star map unlocked. Just "go here, then go here, then go here" based on what made narrative sense at the time, but that makes zero sense in terms of progression. But in practice, for a new player, its more like "go here, grind for ten hours, finally make it here, now backtrack, now grind for twenty hours, go here for one mission, then backtrack again, now to this mission on the world in between the last two steps because we forgot about it until now. Oh ignore all this, that's endgame, we just stuck it on a starting planet for no reason when narratively and via progression we could have just as easily stuck it literally anywhere else..." Edit: Seriously, why is Venus, a planet CLOSER to the sun, frozen? Why the hell isn't Fortuna on Neptune or something? Seriously DE; what the 'eff?
  8. Objectively false in literally every way. My kitgun is already rank 30, and at this point I'm more than halfway done exploring the star chart. My issue is the sudden, unexpected, and out of nowhere progression brick wall between leveling a kitgun, and GILDING a kitgun so you can level it again and get MR out of it. I've said before, but to sum up; from the perspective of a new player kitguns are presented as new player items that don't contribute to MR and can't be properly customized until endgame, with nothing in between and no warning this was the case. "Craft a kitgun. Realize you can't level with it and it's just taking up a slot, sell kitgun, craft another at endgame." It isn't a very well thought out progression cycle. My issue isn't leveling a kitgun, or crafting one, or anything like that. My issue is the arbitrary and unnecessary barrier between crafting one and "completing one" that forces you to either hold onto a dead weight weapon for a hundred hours, or...frankly....get yelled at on the forums for not psychically figuring out that they are "supposed to be endgame" in spite of them coming in the form of a glorified tutorial that is shoved in your face less than five hours into the game. Edit: And as to all the people saying I should have known based on how hard/expensive they are to make...they are neither of those things. The fishing spear is cheaper than the ones on Earth. The "best" mining laser in the game is literally half as much as the cheapest of three lasers on Earth. The blueprints cost half or less as much to buy. The material requirements are much less. Everything spawns right there outside of Fortuna so you don't have to go hunting for it. Heck, ore on Venus is worth roughly TEN TIMES the standing as those on earth, and are super plentiful. Mine for an hour or two have have enough unneeded ore to reach your daily standing limit for a week. Crafting a kitgun is literally easy. Heck, I'd say one of the cheapest and easiest things to do in the game, at least so far.
  9. I was only lurking in hopes someone would be helpful, and you are, so I thought I'd pop in with an honest thank you. Thank you. That said your numbers are a bit off. According to the wiki the odds of getting a bond are only 20% for the first step, with it dropping to 12.5% for steps two and three, and dropping again all the way down to 0% for steps four and five. So right there if the bounty has more than three steps there is no point in finishing it. Likewise the overall odds of getting at least one bond, per bounty, is around 40%, less than half. This might actually be pretty good on paper; gamers put up with dramatically lower drop rates all the time. But some of us are blessed by the "RNG Gods" and others cursed by them, and I've always been the latter. Case and point; I've been running five tier 3 bounties a night, for the last week. Know how many bonds I've gotten? One. Bad luck, not the game's fault, I know. I just wish there was something other than this I could do. I hate grinding the same content over and over, and that's actually WHY I was attracted to Warframe. Saw a Noclip documentary about the game where one of the devs said it was a PvE focused game, not PvP ("You have my curiosity..."), and they know the only way to survive with that model is to constantly add new content ("You have my attention."). I just wish they'd said "grindy repetitive content that will take unreasonably long times to actually accomplish anything." Sort of a deal breaker when life and family obligations mean you'll never be anything beyond a "casual" player.
  10. The difference being that what I'm advocating would benefit most, if not all, players in the long term. Not only with greater trade security, but also make the game more new-player friendly and thereby preserve the population during content dry spells. Conversely unless you're planing to give a bunch of people free platinum, what you're advocating benefits only yourself. "The needs of the many..." and all that. You making ten percent more platinum today doesn't matter if the game dries up and dies from lack of new players tomorrow.
  11. For my part of it, I'd say inevitable. Comcast is horrible and I've had as many as a dozen disconnects in a single day before. Usually two or three a week, randomly. As for others....look let me be clear here; I haven't actually tried to trade yet because I know it won't go well. Not only because it's asking too much of my limited time, but because of my own situation making me an unreliable trader to others, and I don't want to screw someone over and make them waste their time waiting on me. You can berate me for this if you like, but the fact of the matter is these issues can and will happen because of the nature of the system in place. This sort of thing WILL happen because there are absolutely no protections in place to prevent it. Maybe 99.9% of people will never have this problem. Maybe I never will. But that doesn't change the fact that without security you invite disaster, and I'm no fan of gambling.
  12. Except there is, by the nature of it still being an in-person trade system. Imagine this situation; I post what I am trying to unload and a price in trade chat, on the site, whatever, and go play the game. Seems good so far. I get a hit, someone wants to trade, perfect. "Sure thing, just give me a minute to finish this mission real quick and I'll load in." "Alright, I'll be there in a minute." And then they never show up. Or they disconnect and can't contact me. Or they unexpectedly go AFK for an hour and a half. Or maybe it's on me; maybe there is something wrong with my daughter and I can't make it before they get upset and leave. Maybe my internet goes out (comcast is horrible). Or perhaps the dude gets there with half of the listed price and now wants to waste a half hour haggling, and then harasses me for the next hour on messages when I refuse his price. There are a million reasons why even a trade set up on that site or on chat will fall apart. And there are as many reasons why being forced to rely on an in-person trading system is a bad idea. Not the least of all, what I see in every game pre-trading post: "why isn't there secure trading? Someone might scam me!" I'm sorry, okay? I'm not trying to say that this game isn't good. I'm not trying to say the community is wrong, and I'm not trying to downplay the worth of that site. And I'm certainly not saying that dumpster fire Fallout 76 is better outside of two or three very specific features that even that train wreak managed to pull off. But the simple fact of the matter is that not having a proper trading post will always be objectively inferior to having one. I don't care how much profit the high end traders are raking in from that deficiency.
  13. I haven't seen any valid feedback. Though maybe its just getting buried by the trolls. What I've seen is an endless stream of people jumping my ass for something I didn't say, and referring me to a website that I already said in the opening post I know exists, and consider to be a "community run band-aid" that does not in any way address the systemic issue of the game. I even went so far as to directly elaborate on that, referring to the need to wait around and hope that a scheduled trade using that site to show up would still cut into my limited playtime. That website does not matter. It does not work. It does not solve the problem. It is just a something the community uses because they don't have a better option. And ironically that's WHY they don't have a better option. Why add something basic like this in, if the community is fine with their band-aid and treats anyone who dares suggest otherwise like dirt?
  14. I find it interesting that you decided to go with "making a good game" when the very feature you're in opposition to would only serve to improve the game. Yet, you also admit that you're profiting off of the current flawed design, so at least you're honest in your dishonesty. You don't want them to make a good game, a good game has an auction house. You want them to make a game that's good for YOU.
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