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  1. I avoid creating a lich so I never have this problem(I have no interest in kuva weapons or theirs so it would be a waste of my time) but these guys know what they are talking about(and pros from the looks of it) so if they say you are almost done then I say finish it and you can do it.
  2. "Why?, Because I can!" That out of the entire thread cracks me up because I can just see a tenno in game saying that and it can both be funny and cool at the same time depending on who says it or how its said.
  3. I don't mind waiting. The way they work are not game breaking so I don't mind them being on the 'to do list' as there are more important things like fixing other issues that can be done from home.
  4. First slot would be whatever large weapon I felt like using Second slot would be whatever small arms weapon/s I felt like using Third slot would ether be a gunblade or the broken war
  5. I haven't used one with my wisp since i am not fond of the stances but I will take your word for it. The way I see it is there is no point sheathing a blade in a combat zone where the enemy can and will swarm you. Now if there are no enemies at all with in the detection area of the "radar" then I can understand sheathing the sword as that does indeed make sense. But I think it would just be better to do two new stances instead of tweaking the ones we already have or flat out changing the way the weapon in general works as there are those that like it because they believe it make
  6. Two new unsheathed stances: 1: a one handed version that is faster but slightly weaker attack and when switching to a different weapon resheathing the blade making it still a unique stance 2: a second stance that uses two hands making it a stronger yet slightly slower attack speed and resheathing the blade before switching to another weapon problem solve
  7. @OneYenShort That was a strawman argument and you know it. @protecttheplanet Exactly, it was an unnecessary addition as it makes no sense as there is no mission in the game where you don't get swarmed by enemies so there is no reason to 'hide' the size of the blade, more so when you can extend a weapon's range with mods. And 'coolness factor' is no reason to do it, so an additional stance that gets rid of the sheathing after every swing. Edited to reply to another reply instead of double posting
  8. If it was unintended then DE would have disabled any form of stealth. Remember there are rank tests that lock abilities for a reason but passive skills like wisp and Gara are meant to be use. Do you not think DE doesn't know about this stuff?
  9. I agree just add another stance that keeps the blade out. To be honest I like having my blade at the ready and not having to unsheath the blasted thing every time I want to cut an enemy in half, it's an unnecessary move when facing several foes at once. According to the video posted the only reason to keep it sheathed is to prevent a single foe from knowing the range of the blade, that however is a worthless and extremely stupid reason to keep resheathing the blade after every swing of the sword in WF. Also 'coolness' is not a good reason to add an extra step. The way these
  10. I never understood why so many have such a hard time with mr9 with stealth style of frames that doesn't need access to their abilities once they learn how to use those frames.
  11. Being an old school trekkie lore does mean everything as the very franchise hinges on its lore/history but I am not a stickler over miner things, which is why lore fasciantes me, and why I enjoyed umbra's arc the most because it gave us so much lore wise. I just hope they give us some more with the broken frame. @EmberStar I must admit you should write some of the lore for DE as I like the whole will to survive as a cool idea and would make a lot of sense. Edit for spelling
  12. Then since you need the full set of umbra mods to get their full benefits how can it be seen as a waste to use them all on Mesa?
  13. How do you think this will affect the 'broken' warframe if it is made up of different parts lore wise?
  14. I used Gara because her passive, though if they can get wisp then passing will be much easier due to her ability to cloak while in the air because of her passive
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