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  1. A warframe(maybe not a warframe )from really old ages (Dark sector) This armor inspired the orokin to design the first real-warframe amd now it comes back ,mixed with human-tech and orokin-tech,Vent its anger on the enemies
  2. loki豪华皮肤包中包含的双剑皮肤,在使用在暗影分合剑上时,武器图标会显示位皮肤的形象,但游戏中却显示为原本样子。
  3. Maybe I'm selfish. I really hope they can come back to play with like months ago . Although I have purchased destiny 2 and all DLCs according to my friend's request, I do want to be a tenno rather a guardian. i really think warframe could do better 报错 双语对照
  4. Well. I want to talk about the loss of players. The recent updates have made me lose all my friends who can play together. Only a few people in my clan occasionally get online. I think DE should not just make a lot of content for quick update, but consider the playability of these content.
  5. raids or trails ,or something fun to make them from AFK
  6. I learned about the game from my friends,and Soon became a BIG FAN ./. We used to play this game happily together,WE even have a gamegroup and Established our clan BUT now,all of them turn to play DESTINY 2 Except me.They even asked me to play destiny 2 and told me that warframe was getting boring and no need to play it I FEEL BETRYED! but no anger cause warframe do became boring /; farm farm farm not content but fun bring us toghter
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