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  1. Feedback Lavos: First when i got him i was excited seeing that i can do elements and combine them. .... I thought that would also imbue the element on my weapons.... When i found out that it was just for the abilities i was very dissapointed. Suggestion: Make those elements work also for the primary secondary and melee weapons.
  2. index bugged after host migration - esc bugged chat bugged, everything bugged. suggestion - /unbug command - resets player - not only position
  3. having a gtx1070 - playing with a 4k resolution at 60fps fullscreen alt tab out -> alt tab in -> fps drops below 30
  4. doing bounties at cambion drift for over 1h then having a "host migration" because of a 1 second connection failure - beeing alone, mission bugged, in the isolation vault stuck underground no way to escape. suggestions1: - add escape command or item - playing 1h and loosing everything is extremly annoying. suggestion2: - do not dc people from the host, who have a connection issue during bounties ,for about 5 seconds, let the client reconnect.
  5. sorry i was not clear - Proteas passive gives every 4th cast 100% ability strength - this does not apply to overshields ( skill 1 hold)
  6. the idea of the "self balancing system" is good, however the execution is not. It tends to become a wave like balancing - first off its so bad nobody uses it, when it suddenly gets better, because the riven dispo increases, everybody uses it... and after that . it becomes so bad that its not even worth using a riven mod anymore.... and so the cycle keeps on repeating itself until there is a so much more interesting weapon that this one starts becomming irrelevant, this will be the time when riven mods will finally have a use for this one. Not sure what to think of it... should i
  7. Riven mods for Cortege are all awfully weak. normal element +120%-mod adds more to dmg than any Riven mod i ve seen so far. Yet at the same time a Riven uses almost the double capacity. i think the issue is kinda self explaining.
  8. 100 % ability strength ( Proteas passive ability) does not apply for overshield buff ( skill 1 -hold)
  9. No Hole in wall for me as host, everybody else could go through... been reported several times and archivied and yet no answer on how to solve that.... just letting you know it didnt vanish.. this bug still exists - very annyoing
  10. Necramech was invulnerable and was 1 hitting everybody - even my Inaros. After 30 minutes of getting one shoted by the invulnerable Necramech we left the mission.
  11. As the title says. I was in a bounty, finished it , but before exiting i had a host migration -> no reward. Feels like getting scammed. wasted time for nothing. Why is it such a problem to let me have the rewards even if there is a host migration =?
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