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  1. im in deimos and was doing nightwave then i want to mess around i keep transfering to my mech and the fallen one multiple times then i suddenly cant because im silent ed tried falling down but still cant
  2. Hes a noob so its okay i think cuz he didnt know much but the second guy does seem sus he say he want 36 orphix but yet he go towards extraction and seems like he know the orphix stuff already cuz he know 36 is the max number of orphix per mission but i try to not to make trouble in the internet so imo not to report but its up to u tho
  3. Base on the current market price energize is 30 p But will increase after orphix cuz only obtainable by damned eidolons
  4. If agility and high dam is ur playstyle then wait till youre mr 4 and do the deadlock protocol There u will get a glaive called xoris Its basically a throwing giant frisbee but if fully modded will be powerful I dont frequently use it but i got 8000 total kills from it
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