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  1. Hello i am a idiot that has played a lot of Frost and I have a plan that if done correctly will fix all of his problems. There are 3 major changes his 1 passive, 2 his base and prime stats, And 3 his whole kit. Yep nothing is going to be a minor tweak. The reason is Frost is so outdated that its just not a easy fix. So lets begin... New passive: if Frost puts 10 cold procs on a enemy they will completely freeze for 10 seconds. Stats: health 100, shields 100, energy 150, armor 400, sprint .95. (Prime +50 armor, + 50 energy) (Energy cost) Abilities: (25) Freeze wave, Frost se
  2. Hello I am back and have made a list of changes that would greatly improve some Frames. The Frames I have suggestions for are Frost, Volt, Inaros, Hydroid. I will add more later!! Frost: 1st ability turned into a AOE Freeze, 2nd ability damage scales off enemy health and armor values, Snow Globe base health increased to 5000, prime gains 100 extra armor and a extra .10 sprint speed. Volt: 1st ability scales off secondary weapon mods, speed duration increased to be made equal to the duration of his electric shield, base speed stat increased to 1.20 for prime and normal Volt. Inar
  3. Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 2020 was about as good as a used_microwave. Now i have 4 frames on here that need improvements and i have some. The goal is simple improve the frame but only with additions to abilities no complete changes with a few exceptions. FROST: stat change (this is the exception) 100 health 100 shields 400 armor, 150 energy, .95 sprint (at base) (prime + 150 armor). FREEZE will freeze multiple enemies in a AOE. ICE WAVE angle cap removed. SNOWGLOBE health and range increased by 30%. AVALANCHE range increased to 25m at rank 30. HYDROID: all abilities cast and cha
  4. Hello again Obama here and as you know Frost needs a rework hes been outdated and outclassed for quite some time so as a Frost main with 50d 11h 2m 20s played and have used frost prime 19.6 (Yes im looking at the stats now) I think that I know his core problems and how to fix them. Stats: COMPLETE CHANGE, Base Frost 400 armor, 125 energy, 100 health, 100 shields, .95 sprint. Frost Prime 500 armor, 150 energy, 100 health, 100 shields, 1.00 sprint. (Frost stats didn't match his kit he was a tank but with shields with a ability that scaled with armor and a caster frame with low energy, now h
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