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  1. I've just spent the last 8 hours suffering through Orb Vallis bounties trying to get enough familial bonds to rank up to 5 with Solaris United. 8 hours... for 6 familial bonds... supposedly a common reward. This is not hyperbole when I say that at least 1 in 3 bounties I run are completely broken. "Locate 4 bodies." Some of the bodies do not spawn. "Destroy 25 enemies in [x amount of time]." The enemies never spawn. "Hack the console." I can't interact with the console. The reward pools are completely screwed. How in god's name do I only get 3 famil
  2. I submit a bug report and they got back to me and my issue is fixed. The zaws are showing as mastered on my profile now.
  3. Having the same issue now, just finished my last two Zaws and they aren't showing up on my profile. Really hope this gets fixed.
  4. Well yeah, that's been an issue forever, my point is that I'm guessing this is their misguided attempt to solve the issue. Why they can't just discount bundles based on pieces of it you already own is beyond me but nonetheless they haven't. Still insanely frustrating and unfortunately I don't see a fix in the near future - if ever...
  5. I'm assuming the intent was so that players can't waste plat on things they already have but it's literally preventing players from attaining things that should be attainable.
  6. Baro Ki'teer is here and he has the Eos Prime Armor Set, I'm excited because last time he was here, and was selling the pieces separately, I bought the shoulder plates and chest plate. I can complete the set since I have enough ducats now but since the update where you can't purchase a set if you own parts of it, I can't get the leg pieces. They're completely locked off. I don't understand the purpose of this change but it's now completely locked me off from attaining these armor pieces. Please help! https://imgur.com/gallery/n9lzwcP
  7. I can't say specifically when it started by recently my map in Orb Vallis has been completely blank, not even showing names of areas (e.i. Fortuna, Temple of Profit, etc.) It's also not showing caves or k-drive races, forcing me to blindly guess based on memory or look up a map online and reference. I've definitely been to every square inch of Orb Vallis, so it's not like I haven't unlocked the map markers until I visit them each time I re-enter OV. I don't know if this is a bug or some obscure UI setting I've accidentally enabled (wouldn't be the first time), but either way it's ext
  8. I'm glad someone else is just as frustrated as I am. I'm well aware this has been an issue for a while, I just needed my "karen" moment of complaining and hopefully it won't fall on deaf ears.
  9. I am, at the time of writing this, MR25. I've built and mastered most codex weapons and frames so I've started working on open world mastery (zaws, kitguns, amps, moas, etc). Between PoE and OV I have experienced this bug more times than I can remember and it frustrates the hell out of me every time. "Kill <x> amount of enemies <x> amount of time." awesome, easy, I have top tier weapons and mods, piece of cake. Except... no enemies. I fly all around over and over searching for the straggling enemy so I can finish the objective and move on, but no enemies. This issue is bad eno
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