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  1. adjust the order your precepts are in, that should fix that issue
  2. I DETEST that this isn't jailjack - it's take a vehicle to a regular mission - and that rather than adding other planets existing points where made corpus instead of adding additional planets - weak sauce.
  3. Well - I'm inclined to give the benefit of the doubt in general. So I'll start by saying this - I had mastered all of Railjack, i loved it. It was a family sport (literally 4 of us would load up and go run on railjack missions because we liked it). Shared that with other members of our clan too. This overhaul went too far. I don't feel putting the railjack mod's into the endo system was a good idea, it puts them in competition with warframe mods and weapon mods, and that imo will leave railjack mods the looser here. That mark 2 reactors can out-perform mark 3 reactors *at* a
  4. I do use him - i'm just not inclined to think your solution of remove his sentience is in any way reasonable - and for me not even remotely desirable. I also disagree with a lot of your rebuttal, but if you'd like to continue this feel free to PM me, I'm not having any where near the issues you are with umbra, so perhaps we could compare notes in a productive fashion?
  5. A note on Gilding Fathers Kit Guns - you could do it at Fortuna, not sure if that was an oversight, or if it still works.
  6. I do not agree with your points at all - i have ZERO issues with getting killed by Umbra's sentience. - He does not need to be invulnerable - he needs to be either 1) supported ( vazrin or operator arcane of your choice to heal warframes) or 2) using life steal. - he is not a good match for stealth missions, not all frames are good for all missions - period. - please do NOT change his combat AI - his is unique in it, and it does behave differently, it's part of what makes him fun to use. - i'm meh on carrying over buffs, frankly i'd rather not use exalted blade (no life st
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