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  1. Archguns - easiest method is get a gravimag and use standard stealth leveling tactics to level them in standard missions (non-RJ non-archwing) Archwings - You can also stealth exp archwings in open roam maps. However, this is takes a lot of practice to get effective at - it's a big time investment, but the returns are there (it's also best done solo, with an ivara and a good sniper rifle imo, high altitude switch to frame, sleep arrow, back to archwing, and snipe targets, once they alert )aka sleep arrow wears off)- move to a different group to keep the stealth bonus going). Is it better? Debatable - but it's an option for when you get board out of your mind leveling archwings. Orb Vallis would be map recommendation, as there are no combat air unit. If you have a leveled arch weapon - Caelus, Uranus (interception) on steel path awards bonus affinity for point captures, and controlling all points, letting one go and retaking repeatedly will earn faster affinity. Steel Path archwing missions really aren't that much more difficult btw. especially with a team. A friendly Itzal makes this much easier, and your job become just staying alive, and helping where and when you can (or hang out in their inviso field and clobber stuff). This is the mission I solo when I want to forms an archwing as a side note. Which leaves Archmelees - those require Archwing / RJ missions. If doing the Archwing missions with groups - be sure to bring flairs (Fosfor Blau or Fosfor Rash from Nekak [sp?] in Cestus) to increase affinity range. Railjack missions don't require them though (the map is your affinity range), but harder content eats archwings pretty fast, so have your teleport ability unlocked so you can omni tool back to the railjack, because picks up in space are a royal pain (and if you don't get a pick up - all the bonus affinity goes bye-bye). It is of course best to do Archmeless with a group of like minded people working specifically on them - to increase the affinity, if you're the only one using an Archmelee, there's not much bonus to be had. At this point I've mastered every archwing, and have 2 itzal's (because they are incompatible forma layouts), so I've done this.. a lot.
  2. this just happened to me also - perfect capture, mission results say 6 tags awarded, but when I go to get my fluff, it says I have 0 tags. Did it a second time, this time I didn't esc out of The Businesses dialogue, and made sure to break open / loot a container and kill one mob, this time it registered my tags correctly.
  3. I've got 2 Smeeta (different polarizations both fully polarized) ones specifically for my Khora, the other is for everyone else (loot frame + loot pet), same with my Necros. That said - Smeeta's are not my go to companion. The companion I use varies based on which frame I'm using and mission type. My most used are all Sentinels (used to have an issue keeping them alive but was able to resolve it) - now it used to be 4 that where regularly in rotation, but since Deconstructer can no longer carry set mods, it's down to 3 now. The question is: am I farming? Smeeta Am I not farming just running missions? Djinn - because mine actually does more damage than another other companion. Am I fishing / hunting / mining? Oxylus (so he doesn't really help hunting, but I tend to do the other activities at the same time) because fish I'm not seeing are fish I'm not catching - and I was always running out of dye, mining nodes - same deal. Am I looking for a scan on something? Helios - because investigator. This something of a rarity though so not in regular rotation. There's a valid reason to consider a Sunika Kubrow, if you're having trouble with a Acolytes (assuming their ability even works on them, I've never tested it personally). I'm just getting into Hounds, but there is some potential there, they just don't hold a candle dps wise to my current favorite DPS Djinn (which I don't loose access for the rest of a mission if it dies, and don't have to waste time picking up off the floor because it's standing around in a toxic cloud). Admittedly - Hounds with Diversified Denial are proving a lot more likely to stay alive than I was expecting (and thanks LillyRaccune for confirming my suspicions on Coolant Leak being a good defensive addition to them :D I'm not a MOA fan, mostly due to their movement. Basically there is more to companion than Smeeta, a lot more, they just look like everything when you're desperate for some argon :)
  4. Appreciate the response and the insights, I'll probably flog this horse again later though. 😁
  5. As our clans architect I love the Starlight Market! It's great work and thank you DE. I would greatly appreciate if it also had the "Select Backdrop" feature that released along side it in the Dojo QoL improvements and is available in the Observatory if that would be possible, since the Starlight Market remains on the default and has no selector. Thank you for the consideration.
  6. More in a second: Thought - Tiered Price System to cover additional overhead - (didn't want that lost in the body of this) Well said, i do understand your points (really thought you were going somewhere else with that at first glad i kept reading). I don't want DE to do anything that's bad business or impacts the longevity of the company, frankly I wish I'd found this game in closed beta. Played a lot of online game over the last 23 years, with companies that ranged from apathy to what looked like active discouragement of the player base. From monthly subs, to the rise and fall of pay to win, weird combinations of those, and free to play - but don't expect much because we'll be nerfing old content so you buy new content. DE has been a refreshing experience. So - as you point out, data costs, and pricing may well be the issue, This is something I'd really like to get though, so: I'm fine with a tiered system. (side note here, I do really appreciate the history on this topic, and I realize it's a bit of an ask, but can you point me at anything from DE so i can get in some first hand reading in? Googles not being any help on this one, hoping you might recall if loadouts came out with a specific update or had when a clarification on intended use was made?) The idea behind the tiered pricing on this: Nothing changes with the loadout slots currently available from the Market, max number remains the same, but once that number is reached the player get's a confirmation box to continue purchases indicating a price increase (I don't presume to know what would make it worthwhile financially for DE, so simply let the player decide if they are willing to pay the increased rate that would justify the increased capacity / costs). As noted, at MR 30, there is likely some metric involved in how much the player has spent and is going to continue to spend on the game overtime as well as the likely hood that they will continue to play, Based on what i'm seeing on Steams global stats, Hunter (MR 13?) appears to be the top end for the median player. This isn't a huge a surprise to me, it's slightly below MR 16, which is arguable the mostly meaningful milestone before MR 30. I have spoken with players that have stated they enjoy the game, intend to continue playing, but are no longer working on mastery after MR 16. The reason I mention this; if the median player isn't going to make MR 30, but willing to pay a 2nd, higher tier cost, in order to get and use the loadout slots the way they want to, why not change the view point, and set a fair price for them to do so? I'm of course counting on DE's metrics here to determine what that fair price might be, Then MR 30+ (like myself) that want more can make that choice as well. I sure the concept is not lost a player with your longevity (also - if you have the founders pack you have my envy). ;) .
  7. Oh, I'm not suggesting they be publicly visible, merely an additional internal tool.
  8. Dear DE, I've been playing online games for over 20 years and there is a consistent issue that raises it's head, one that did not used to addressable. That is the loud and vocal forum posters, vs. those that play the game religiously and almost never post on the forums. It is also impossible for we the player base to be able to tell the difference in who's posting like mad AND playing. As a free to play, DE has become a leader in the business, this of course has meant a constant need to develop new content for sale and a balancing act with fixing existing issues. It is very easy for we the players to see what's posted on the forums, sometime there is a large disconnect between different opinions in the community. When evaluating these, I'd like to recommend pulling the metrics on time played, amount of money spent on the game (while that might seem distasteful to some, DE has to make money to support the roughly 350 people employed there and stay in business), as well as number (and quality?) of posts to the forums. It's just an idea, which i hope is helpful. There are those that talk a lot but don't spend on the game and don't play, There those that talk and play lot but, but never spend a dime. Those talk - spend - and play. Those that just play and never spend and rarely say a word on the forums; and those that play like mad, spend a ton and rarely ever comment on the forums. All have an opinion, but how much weight is give to it should come down to combination of the three .... in my opinion. 😁 Keep it organic, just - be aware of who's talking, if that makes sense? Oh right.. forgot one, content creators? Not on my list, i know they are already on DE's so I don't have to address them. Love the game! And thanks to all the DE staff that keeps it great!
  9. HI there! I'm MR Legendary 1, so I have earned all that :) and i do play warframe - A LOT, and yep, i have every single possible slot - i want more - I want to give DE real life monies to support a game I love to get more. That said if you look at the metrics, even bringing up MR 30 awards is elitist, a lot players will never get to MR 30. I also tend to make entire "systems" for loadouts that interconnect frame, weapons, pet etc to maximize specific functions, that's not 6 seconds in the arsenal (not even close). DE has also introduced a the infusion system on the helminth with one of the stated objectives (per the release notes) being to encourage players to play other frames. Increased loadout slots furthers that (and frankly all of mine are taken up with 6 or so frames I play the most). DE's in business there's something I want from said business, something I'm willing to pay for in order to get, your point about data storage/usage in the later post seems suspect, unless you've programmed for DE? Loadouts may be individual files, or they may be one file (ie - all load out configurations for a given players are one file), without DE staff to confirm how they are set up, it's an assumption so i won't hazard that guess. SteveCutler (see post above) mentions wanting a separate load and save for loadouts, I think that's a great idea, a confirmation box on saving changes to a loadout would be welcome, and address some of the data usage (since the file wouldn't be saved to DE until it was confirmed). Finally the "Go play the game." gave your entire post the tone of a dismissal, not a discussion, and sure if your happy with number of loadout slots that's great! If you're just trying to be educational that's great too! (I do appreciate the insight into DE's previously stated stance though, even more so if a source is cited). I mean you make some valid points, I'd hate to see them dismissed as trolling due to tone. Also WOW! 7k posts?! I've been playing for over year can barely find time to make 27! LOL
  10. I really really want more load out slots, let me be more specific - I'm MR L1 and have purchased every possible loadout slot. I want to be able to purchase at LEAST 10 more load out slots - pretty please! :) AKA take my money DE - I want to give it to you for more convivence in just selecting an BOOM out the orbiter and into a mission. I'd also REALLY like to be able to tie a SPECIFIC archwing loadout to a specific warframe loadout, yes I'm the person with 2 of the same archwing with diferent polarities for different functions, and i REALLY want to be able to select and go on the warframe and have the correct archwing load out tied to it. Help DE - take my monies! (no i'm not joking)
  11. Any eta on when this going to be implemented? (I'm assuming it's not yet, as i've vanquished and converted 2 sisters since this post solo). Thanks in advance, because I've had literally zero luck on farming corrupted holo keys with 20+ attempts, soi stopped wasting my time and started pursuing things that aren't based on a random number generator that seems to have it for me lately ;) Much like my several months of attempts at a 2nd khora BP...
  12. "To give players some control over what will be very powerful buffs, the Helminth takes note of your interactions - for every 10 Invigorations you do, you’ll be able to Select what Warframe receives the next buff!" This was not made clear during Tenno con, rather the impression I was left with was that after meeting a required 10 invigorations, I would be able to choose 1 of the 3 buffs to give an equipped warframe each week, which as of to today, using my 10th on one of the pre-selected warframe - and careful reading of this is clearly not the case. A strong enough impression that I thought I there was a bug when I was getting the message of an incompatible frame after my 10th invigoration, as did my daughter in law, and wife (we all play and all attended Tenno con). 1 choice every 4ish weeks is rather large let down from that, especially after making a choice between 2 buffs that would have been really great to play with for a week on frames I'm very fond of. I do like the system, I just wish this had been presented in crystal clarity to avoid any possibility of miscommunication. EDIT: Figured out the override button: allowing even already used buffs to be applied to the equipped warframe. Also noted that progress toward the next override is not counted until the currently available override is "consumed".
  13. Zero corrupted holokeys since launch of this "content", 18 missions in. Seems like a waste of time at this point. RNGesus never liked me to start with, but this is starting to remind me of Everquest, the girndest game I ever played, which is to say: feels like there is with zero guarantee of ever getting the mcguffin regardless of effort / time put in. I'm I know the game is the grind, i love the grind - for a reward - MR30 here, I know the grind, clearly i love the game, but I do not love this.
  14. Okay; first up - I do have to say - I'm not a happy Tenno here. This was definitely not an unknown bug, it has been posted, Youtubed, and explained at length from multiple sources, enough so it was valid to see this as a feature (and thus a reason to use Sentinels). Let's examine the reality of this. By choice of companion you could: 1) get more loot, and random buffs 2) get consistent DPS boost by buff 3) have an eternally respawning shoulder turret that out DPS's most players using ranged weapons. (no I'm not going to say which senti weapon, because given this thread exists I don't need it trash-canned) OR 4) give that up to have some increased set bonuses. aka - Stat Stick. Now, the Melee (and Melee ONLY) only set bonuses part of that has been removed, that makes zero sense. The real issue: those first 3 options I presented all required one thing in common, the companion being alive. The "Stat Stick" did not have a check to see if the companion was "alive", and frankly it should - that would be the point of balance of it - for Melee AND Ranged mod sets with "Stat Stick" Companion weapons. So make it an actual FEATURE: if the Sentinel carrying part of a set isn't dead, it counts toward set bonuses (melee or ranged). Every player I personally know that is actively playing Warframe uses Stat Sticks to varying degrees in builds, because it's a fun modularity to the game that was neat. IE - with knowledge comes power. I don't think any of us would have an issue with accepting RISK along with that power - pet go BOOM - set mod's powers go EEP! - seems fair. Now COMPLETELY separate from that recommendation: A lot of the mod removal does just avoid confusion about what works and what literally did nothing, stuff I had to test out for myself, so for that thanks. However, SOME of the mod's removed where removed ONLY because they were part of a set, and that was a glaring mistake imo. So I'd like to address the set mods that I feel should be allowed, and why, and those that should stay unusable (even if I don't "like" it) based on interactions with combos or heavy attacks or other mechanics that make them useless to the weapon. This is addressed at melee Sentinel weapons, not specifically Deconstructor. Gladiator Might - ALLOW - increased crit damage in general (perhaps not allowed on Deconstructor specifically since it can't crit) Gladiator Rush - Not Allowed - Combo Duration Gladiator Vice - ALLOW - attack speed Motus Impact - ALLOW on HOUNDS if Hounds can use Aerial Attacks, if not then not allowed, not allowed for Helios. Proton Snap - ALLOW on HOUNDS if Hounds can Wall Latch, if not then not allowed, not allowed for Helios. Tek Gravity - ALLOW on HOUNDS if Hounds can use Slam Attacks, if not then not allowed, not allowed for Helios. Strain Infection - Not Allowed - This set is designed to be used with a Helminth (companion not the ships system), not for Sentinel weapons, and requires "Cysts" to activate effects, which Sentinels don't gain.. The ones ones this list that showed that no one on the team looking at what was being done seemed to understand the Senti weapon in questions operation: - ALLOW - Carnis Mandible Jugulus Barbs Saxum Thorax Destructor cannot Crit - let me say that again more clearly - Crit Chance BASE ZERO - it must spec into condition builds to be useful. Those mods made it useful, on each of the 3 throws, you could determine if it was elemental or physical damage you wanted to have the advantage on the proc'ing based on the % of damage from the mods used, it was nuanced, fun, and interesting, now it's a club that's not worth using - again. To summarize: When we choose a companion, we not only choose what abilities we are increasing, we choose what abilities we are fore going to do so. It should be a meaningful choice, not simply Smeeta because I need more loot, and I can get buffs (even if they are rando), conversely - there should be *some* risk - if the companion doesn't survive, the ability they provide they should end, Sentinel "Stat Sticks" should be formalized, and depend on the companions continued functions. The Check to do this is already in the code btw: If the companion goes down Animal Instincts stop working - it should be something similar imo.
  15. thank you! Extremely useful, and much appreciated.
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