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  1. Boarding the Railjack puts you right next to its navigation console, which can take you directly to the drydock. The drydock is a dojo room, there's no way to not load the dojo.
  2. I often need to relog to get recovered acts to show up - the UI just doesn't update sometimes. Also, I don't know if it's relevant to your situation, but old acts will only be recovered if you have space for them - less than three acts active (not counting the dailies).
  3. Okay, so you don't play Warframe and have no idea what its monetization is like. Good to know.
  4. Do you even play Warframe? The game is monetized out the wazoo, DE doesn't need Rivens to make money.
  5. The point is to prevent Rivens from becoming necessary for meta weapons, because they'll always be bad for meta weapons, so that people don't spend a fortune on something with random stats. But there seems to be a subset of the community that ignores this, spends a ton of money anyway and then complains when the system works as intended.
  6. Disposition is based on how often the weapon is used, not on what its base stats are. You seem to be oblivious to this.
  7. Item labels being turned off is an incredibly small complaint because... you can just turn them on. Yeah, on should be the default. Yeah, it probably causes a moment of confusion, but most people probably hit ESC and look to see if there's an option to turn it on? Simaris has a different Syndicate page because his Syndicate works differently from everyone else's. He doesn't have ranks and instead has a docket of lore entries... do you really expect his page to look the same? It can't. THAT would be bad design. Or are you seriously saying that you can't find the button? Because honestly, I wouldn't believe that. As said above, only quick attack has auto block - reason being that right click aut-equips your gun. It's designed for a fluid transition between guns and melee, and it works pretty well. Yeah, auto-glide being attached to auto-block is obnoxious. I think Warframe could afford to be like a lot of other games with similar parkour systems where holding the jump button controls the glide. But as has already been said, equipped melee is meant for fine melee control and gives you manual blocking, which you seem to have missed. And honestly? These complaints are all so minor that if they make you "sad and angry" about the state of the game... That just sounds petty to me. I would genuinely suggest re-evaluating your stance. Because one, a lot of what you're upset about isn't actually true. And two, you've rushed into being upset rather than actually stopping and taking stock of the situation. That to me really raises questions about what you're trying to do here.
  8. Tacticals require rank 1 in the Tactical Intrinsic. I just checked and I can install Seeker Volley in the third slot.
  9. I had a similar problem. I picked up Seeker Volley, which looks like a Tactical, but couldn't slot it. It shows up on the upgrades screen but can't be slotted under any category.
  10. These challenges exist specifically for people who like fishing/mining/conservation and who might not like Eidolon hunts and long Kuva survival missions or doing nine daggum invasion missions in a row. By asking to remove these entirely optional challenges you're basically saying you think everybody should play the game the way you play. Framing this as "forcing" you to do things is 100% dishonest. I don't do challenges I don't like and I'm still in prestige ranks. Nightwave is explicitly designed so you don't have to touch challenges you don't want to.
  11. First Natah was sent to infiltrate the Origin system and turn the Tenno against the Orokin. Then she, as the Lotus, was supposed to kill off the Tenno as the last obstacle to the Sentients, but her Lotus personality rebelled and she hid us on Lua to protect us (see: Second Dream quest). Then, ostensibly due to the intervention of Ballas, she reverted to her Natah personality, abandoned the Tenno, and flew off into space to join her Sentient family to prepare to invade the Origin system as she was originally meant to (see: The Sacrifice). For various reasons Natah/Lotus has switched sides numerous times. Currently she is our enemy. You cannot simply treat her as a previous iteration of herself in the present time - don't expect any new content involving her to come around until after The New War is concluded. You can already tell this is the case because things like Disruption missions are built to work without any Lotus VO - because at the time everybody's playing them, Lotus wouldn't be our mission control. Hence, any mission where we do anything for the Lotus (like the mission you suggest) isn't going to be added to the game for a long time. Also, Warframe is definitely not the type of game to do any kind of licensed crossover with other IPs. Nora Night is the most explicit kind of homage we're going to get. Making frames out of modern day actors is... dramatically off-brand.
  12. 1. Will there be future expansions of the Lich system to make it more like what was shown before - as in, Liches that live for a long time, are killed multiple times, and repeatedly grow stronger until the Tenno finds a way to kill them permanently? For example, when trying to vanquish/convert a fully grown Lich, a % chance for the Lich to be killed but not defeated - its territory collapses, the Tenno gains its weapon/ephermera and it goes into hiding, and will shortly return as a Stage 2 Lich (stronger powers, stronger/different Kuva weapon, etc)? Essentially rather than running quickly through several smaller Liches, you have a chance to encounter the same Lich repeatedly with greater difficulty/rewards each time. 2. In terms of art, players have pointed out that the Railjack's interior doesn't line up with the exterior. Part of this comes from confusion about scale - Railjacks use Archwing 1/4 scale, and the exterior model is several times larger than the interior model. But more importantly, the windows on the interior suggest a completely different shape for the Railjack incompatible with what we see in the Drydock (the gunnery stations appearing to be inside the Void Engine, for example). I've attached some screenshots below. When can we expect an art pass to fix these discrepancies? Front of Void Engine (Exterior) Front of Void Engine (Interior) Midship (Exterior) Midship (Interior)
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