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  1. The honest answer is smarter enemies. Which would sort of require Warframe to have intelligent enemies able to behave somewhat realistically in the first place, but uh... During Proxy Rebellion events, Hyenas show up as regular enemies, and they're a nice addition because they behave different from all the other enemies. Just the fact that they'll jump and stick to walls and move erratically means you have to change things up and not just fire the same two neurons you've stuck to for the past five thousand hours. The key is that these enemies aren't just bigger numbers - they're something different from what you normally run into. I don't want modifiers like Sorties or Nightmare missions, and I don't want enemies that can only be damaged by shooting specific weakpoints. We have enough of the former, and I just flat don't like the latter, and would just be another entry in DE's fraught relationship with enemy invulnerability. Something like the Nox is about as far as I'm willing to go - it's easier if you crack the helmet, but you don't HAVE to, and if you've got a big enough stick you can just mulch them along with everything else. Or something like big mini-boss-style enemies that have multiple destructible parts you can blow off to hamstring them and reward fast and accurate players.
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