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  1. Q: Currently the Plains has a lot of geography blocked off by magic Unum walls, and ostensibly this is done for technical reasons (among others). Fortuna is going to be several times larger than the Plains, so my question is - is it possible that any of the work that's gone into Fortuna could be used to physically expand the play area of the Plains? Stemming from that, will any of the gameplay mechanics (alert levels, taking bounties from captured outposts) find their way to the Plains?
  2. Currently watching certain content creators have tantrums on Twitter because they interpret the maybes and what-ifs of the login rework as "We're going to do all of these things you hate because we don't respect veterans and want to stick it to them." Sometimes just trying to talk about this game is exhausting. Looking forward to all the sweet stuff you guys are trying to get out in the next few months.
  3. My one big question: With Fortuna being several times the size of Plains of Eidolon, and with all the optimizations and performance improvements that seem to be coming with Fortuna and Railjack, what are the chances we see a physical and gameplay expansion of the Plains area? There's a lot of geography beyond the shield walls, potential for offshore areas that can be reached by Archwing/K-drive/Dargyn, and a lot of Grineer camps with hackable control systems that could be made more interactive like the base previewed in Fortuna that lets you accept new bounties without returning to the hub.
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