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  1. Strange. Works now. Exact same search came up empty only minutes before you replied.
  2. Why is it with every limited time item, they are impossible to find in the store? I had to google search to find a blog that had the specific name in order find the pumpkin head through the store search. You can literally scour every category but nope, the items are never listed. DE could you maybe put a "Seasonal" category in the store, or at least limited-time items in the featured category? Heck, even having a few keywords tagged in order to find these items without requiring the exact and irrelevant name, in order to even know the item exists. /rant
  3. I picked up on the mechanics and what to do right away. Did enjoy the slight challenge but failed after 14 minutes because the glass throwing is fundamentally broken. Standing still, right in front of the evidence shards and nope, passes right through almost Every. Single. Time. Took well over 10 attempts before glass would even damage the boss, even when he stood still and just glared at me. It took jumping at his face and throwing the glass point blank before it would cause damage. Once his health was just below half, that suddenly stopped working. Ugh.
  4. I have the same problem but with the weave conduit. First time I simply picked the wrong one. I looked at it again and there is a subtle but very distinct difference in the lights. Attempt 2 was successful. Attempts 3 and 4 both failed despite picking the correct one. If we could hold more than 20 resonance I'd probably have a reserve of around 1000 from just between acts 4 and 5.
  5. Heard back from support. They can't fix missing drops and gave me the generic info on linking accounts. So I guess anybody who doesn't get a drop is S.O.L., unless DE does something like they did after Tennocon.
  6. Why is it always such a tightly held secret on what is entering the vault? Feels like we either have to guess or pry the info from the community managers. When a new prime access is announced, the to-be-vaulted items are already set in stone, so why does it feel like pulling teeth to get this info?
  7. Will be working during streams, but that's what mobile data is for. ;)
  8. I barely use abilities so I find Wukong to be quite enjoyable. I only ever use Celestial Twin. Unequip melee and have lots of fun hamming it up with speed trigger supra vandal. If there's a Wisp around the fire rate is bonkers. Ammo efficiency is garbage but it's a lot of fun. It's pretty easy to waste a lot of ammo if you miss or enemies have invul phases (fissure corruption, etc). Handles most things up to lvl 100 pretty well but absolutely falls flat against a few, like Juggernauts. Still bummed that we won't be able to wuclone other frames but it's probably for the best, lest we get
  9. It's almost nearly as bad on 16:9 displays. The stats text seems sized for 10" displays, but everything else would be too small to be readable at that screen size. This reminds of of the first few years after responsive web design was pushed out. Many sites went to chonky mobile/console-like on PC and the sites on mobile devices were stripped-down to the point of being completely unusable.
  10. Thank-you DE for the event credit booster but it isn't stacking with the daily first mission bonus. 2 rounds of medium index and only 660k instead of 1.36m? Also, the end mission screen is terrible. It's very shiny but everything is monstrously too big. The size of the stats text seriously hurts my eyes. Why is it always minimized? I have to either click the little "maximize" button or scroll anyways. Everything could have easily fit on 1 screen with the new coat of paint. Why isn't my maxed gear shown? Why no squad management?
  11. I won't be home for a few hours to check: Will Rotton Salad V keys still need normal nav coordinates?
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