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  1. Unlinked and relinked Sunday 2/14 and verified both sides showed connected. Watched the entirety of todays stream and verified it was showing progress towards earning the orokin reactor and left the stream running to run errands outside the house. Came back 3 hours later and the progress had stopped at 99% with no option to claim. Refreshed twitch's drop/inventory page and it doesn't show the orokin reactor at all so no way to claim. checking drops/campaign does show the reactor but no way to claim. sadness. I've previously used drops 2.0 with Black Desert Online and have had zero proble
  2. Having the same issue on PC where there are two NW rescue tasks, and after multiple successful rescue missions which end with the NW notice of rescue task incrementing, the actual tasks are still 0/3.
  3. After seeing this bug report, myself and some clanmates had to test this on profit taker. Confirmed profit taker can be meathooked and rag dolled around. After release I couldn't see the profit taker, but the host could but it was red and without textures.
  4. Did you try the "/unstuck" command? This has almost always put me back on the surface after getting stuck underground on Deimos, Venus, and Earth.
  5. Confirming this is still a problem. I also lost all necromech affinity after a host migration while doing multiple isolation vaults on deimos. PC client 2020.
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