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  1. Will Lotuscalibur be available for Halloween? :D
  2. Verryn

    Hotfix 16.4.1 + False Profits Psa

    Just finished one after updating. Lotus said we were both too late, and too early. Don't think this event was fixed at all. Edit: Another too early but you were successful Tenno.
  3. Verryn

    Update 16.2

    So may I use '/unstuck' when I somehow manage to fall through the floor? Being alive is sometimes hard when the void starts ripping you apart... (poor Limbo probably fell through)
  4. Verryn

    Level-Load Love

    Definitely feel a massive boost in loading times. I load pretty much instantly now, though I still have to wait for other players loading bars to fill up. :) The counter delay sounds more like a connection issue.
  5. Verryn

    Update 13.3.0: Pack Hunters

    The Buffening... + some hidden fine print nerfs. May I ask a question? Can we get cat-like creatures, since we got Kubrows and yada yada yada.
  6. Verryn

    Warframe Ability Changes

    I need to get Ash now. Great, I don't even have much space left. XD
  7. Name Suggestion: Frost MOA Behaviour: The Frost MOA is a new design to weaken and slow down Tenno. Attacks: This MOA shoots freezing spray and a cryo-emitter out towards enemies every few seconds. The spray is a short and wide ranged attack that applies frost effects on enemies while dealing lasting damage to only shields and armor for 10 seconds. The cryo-emitter severally drops the movement and attack speed of weapons within its area. The emitter slowly floats in the direction fired and emits its chilling effects on enemies within a 1~4m radius of it. The emitter is destructible, similar to rollers. Environment restrictions: None.
  8. Name Suggestion: Binding Keeper Behaviour: This infested creature assists other infested beings by slowing down Tenno severally. It moves swiftly when not latched onto it's target but it's speed drops as it tries to influence the ensnared. Attacks: This unit roams around Tenno for a few seconds before finally latching onto one of the unsuspecting members. Afterwards it attempts to pull the Tenno away from the rest of the group unless they fight back. Environment restrictions: None
  9. Verryn

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for being too serious. :D
  10. Verryn

    4/14/2014: Connectivity Issues

    I always thought the MOA were technically advanced. Now I know they're just pressing the on and off button with those stubby finger/toes of theirs.
  11. Verryn

    Hotfix 13.0.5

    It's not even a weekday. :D
  12. Verryn

    Update 1: Grate Prime

    Wait what? It says you already have one... Why are you making another? Akgrate Prime is real!? D:
  13. Verryn

    Update 1: Grate Prime

    Does anyone know where this drops in the void? I'm guessing T4 missions but I'm not sure which. :(
  14. There are so many Excaliburs though.
  15. I think the pictures would all look better without a sentinel anyways. lol. What happens when you break a rule?