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  1. "Many core international economic systems folded in upon themselves and shut down as tensions rose regarding the use and capitalization of cybernetics and genetic mutations. Acts of terrorism and violence erupted between the corporate sector and the humanist factions, resulting in forced police actions across Earth. Civil chaos was already rampant in many of the larger countries, but media coverage of the police actions spurred it. The precarious balance of world power ultimately exploded into international pandemonium"


    Fall from grace is subjective, there are still humans, but their population dropped by 90%.

    I wasn't actually sure since I'm not all that knowledgable about starcraft's ingame lore stuff, the ",does it?" probably should've been phrased more as a question. That being said, also they're:

    Both "RPG" shooters, sorta like borderlands, both are notoriously grindy, both were new releases on the newest gen of consoles, both use small teamwork orientated groups but involve pugs more often than not and other reasons like that.

    Ontopic: I mean though, it's quite reasonable for a frost to keep globe up, and a vauban (or even the frost himself) to slow or immobilise those pesky guardians who have the nerve to try an enter his winter wonderland. I mean, it'd really just end up as a stalemate in that sort of situation.

  2. Isn't Destiny closer to Borderlands than it is Warframe? How did this little rivalry start again?

    Humanity falls from grace from a high technology level, involving players as superhuman warriors with space-magic powers fighitng:

    Bulky space marines


    Space Zaambies.

    They both "came out" around the same time, they're both very grindy, and they're both instanced MMO with squads.

  3. -snip-

    Amusingly enough, the most effective way to use shield polarise against guardians is to probably utilise the shockwave emanated from the shield burst (which damages all enemies, not just acting as a shield stripping effect). Mostly because the idea of tossing a Anti-Moa at your opponents then shield polarising it is immensely amusing from a combat point of view, and at least still makes sense for mag.

    Admittely, mag's shield polarise could work by fooling the enemy shields into thinking they're being assailed from all directions constantly, causing them to try and repel the phantom attacks, hence causing them to emit the blocking force at full power, depleting their power source and creating an outwards shockwave that can damage nearby objects. This wouldn't really consider the method that the shield operates from, and we need to keep in mind that the cold affects tenno shielding more signifcantly than it does corpus shielding (at least, enviromental cryogenics wise).

    On the topic of the corpus, there's a potential chance that the negator bubble may actually also affect light/darkness based effects just as it terminates void powers, so the corpus might have a hidden ace in that regard. Not that such a thing would help the tenno. 

    I mean like, there's no doubt guardians would be well capable of wrecking both the grineer and the corpus in normal skirmishes, just like the tenno do. However, it's not clear just how resource intensive pumping out new clones for the grineer is, especially considering that we slaughter them by literally the thousands in some missions, and they are implied in lore to be a near unstoppable swarm of dudes. They're also shown to be a industrial jugganaught as well,

    The infested are a whole other ballgame though, especially the mutalist variant, which possesses the capability to subvert and take over machinery, On the other hand, the Taken can be sort of seen as a more "Mystic" variant of the infestation or more notably, the corrupted. That being said, depending on it's potentcy/abillity to assimilate, the infested could quite possibly be a real threat.

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  4. true enough. Btw doesn't this shut down the debate completely?

    When combined with the fact that both sides are functionally immortal to each other and hence can't brute force each other down, yeah, pretty much.

    That being said, there's no point not discussing potential scenarios anyway. Though honestly there's some important things to take into account on accord of differing setting tech:

    FTL travel: Tenno seem to lose out on this one, as they use the pre-existing rails to get around the solar system rapidly. The Guardian's ships (from what I've seen) have onboard jump drives, which would probably give them an edge when it comes to deep strike deployment. However, how fast tenno ships can travel without the rails is debatable, especially considering tenno can enter the void using keys somehow.

    Shields and Overall durabillity: Pretty much the other big thing. While guardian's shields are light powered (or something?), the exact specifics on strength between warframe and destiny shields isn't clear. Comparative to their shields however, most warframes seem to be pretty durable, whereas most guardians (on average) tend to sit more on shielding based defense.

    Other faction Strength: The big one, that honestly, I'm most interested in. Seeing how the infested or grineer match up to the cabal or fallen is probably a pretty amusing thought.

  5. Nah it will only last for a few seconds remember?


    Plus it doesn't have a downside like Equinox where it forces people to consume more energy.


    It can increase damage output by 50% and power strength by 50% too!


    So that weapon damage can get that 1.5x, abilities get a 1.5x, and ability damage gets a full 2x!


    He can use it to strengthen himself and his allies! Plus people wanted team synergy right? Well now they can have it! o -o


    People will love Rhino! ;O

    Blind + Intensify without transistent does the trick. More duration if you don't go all out on the fleeting either. I can get 57 seconds with 2x damage output, at I think 55.7 cost?

    Remember, not everyone runs full fleeting/Transistent builds. 55 seconds is more than enough time to mow down enough dudes to pick up some more orbs. Let alone other team members to help out. You can do even better if you know a trinity is coming to provide you energy, and ramp it all the way up to an additional +147% on to all outgoing damage.

    Also, power strength bonus doesn't end well because you can buff someone, who then buffs someone, and end up with an effectively squared effect. Equinox gets away with it because it's such a small effect and is sort of awkward to use.


    Strong rhino is good, but as much as I like him, I want the other frames to be worth using as well/

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  6. Well actually Tostov once it reaches 100% damage buff its duration is also greatly shortened plus 100% just means 2x damage and at maximized power strength it will give about 148% power strength and last less than 3 seconds. =/


    It will have to do more than just buff all damage types if it wants to be up there. =/

    So I thought of something....Why not power strength as well?....

    Base multiplier is 50%, once you have +100% power strength (i.e. 200% on the interface) you'll be hitting a flat effect of doubling all damage output from anyone who's in the radius of activation, including yourself. There's no strings attached either, unlike some other buff abillites.

    Power strength buffing by 100% is far, far more ridiculous for chaining skills with other warframes. Also sorta overlaps with Equinox's Provoke, which only does around 30% and requires people to hang around Equinox.

    And that's why roar doens't really need adjustments as a base abillity. Name one other frame that has such a solid damage buff with no conditions.

  7. Thing is, roar is affected by power strength, meaning you can get up to a solid +100% to all damage, and with the right build, have it going for a minute or more. It's better than the vast majority of buff skills in the game, and also happens to affect Rhino itself. Unlike almost every other buff, it's unconditional as well. As an abillity by itself it's perfectly fine.

    Piercing Roar augment on the other hand, needs a change. Puncture proc on stuff within 25 m is pretty worthless (30% less damage for a mere 6 seconds). Just making also give the opposite effect to the enemies in range of the cast would be a lot better (i.e. reduces enemy damage in the roar radius (or larger) by 10/15/25/50% for the duration of roar abillity). This changes Roar from a crazy good buff to a crazy good buff and CC, but makes it cost an addtional mod slot, as augments should be.

  8. But this new Charge in the rework is meant to work like Atlas's Landslide.


    The duration for Atlas's Landslide is for his damage multiplier window rather than affecting how for the attack reaches or lasts~ o -o

    So duration reduces the distance required to get the multiplier/makes it last for longer?

    Ay, that sounds pretty cool then. I can dig it. I mean, I'd prefer it affecting both, but long as duration isn't gettin' ripped off in the trade, I don't really mind.

  9. I was actually hoping Rhino's Stomp would be like Nova's "Primed" abilities where even the negative or reduced stats can have a positive effect on it.


    So in exchange for the CC duration of Stomp Rhino gains more damage and spammability of it to cause lots of damage as well as keep enemies locked down in doing so which in its own form is a form of CC, not only that but it allows mobs entering within range to be affected by it too!

    That's how it is at the moment. Stomp can't be recast while active, so rapid stomps can be used to do more reliable CC at the cost of higher energy drain and rhino being stuck stomping.

    Charge range is determined by duration because:

    A - It's consistent with the other move skills (Slash dash, tailwind).

    B - It gives a point to building duration on rhino (and a disadvantage to completely ignoring duration).

    It makes it so Three different rhinos can all have completely different builds yet still contribute to a team in a meaningful manner.

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  10. 250 duration? Effigy still sucks down energy. I'm better off using his first three and never touching his 4th now. Before the change i could keep it out and still have decent time on my vex armor/ward and take advantage of his speed over armor. It kinda feels underwhelming now.

    Do you people even read? I had duration. My stuff wasn't a damn ward build. How many times will i have to say this. Everyone is starting to sound like a dime store tech support when it comes to this stuff.

    With 250% duration you'd be pretty efficient, but we gotta know, what's your efficiency? You might be cancelling it out regardless if you're using blind rage.

    Otherwise, I dunno. Mine's running pretty cleanly with with efficiency and duration. The drain is a minimum of 2.5, which is still pretty hefty however. But still ten seconds per orb. Might be an oddity going on with your game or somesuch. Might just be you didn't notice how big the base drain was until now either.

  11. No no!


    I want it to be affected by power range rather than duration! That's the best and most easiest solution. No need for duration with Charge~


    Rhino Stomp and Roar can still be affected by duration though, that I won't mind at all~

    Or just let it stay duration? It has positive effects for each different mod type (Duration, range, Strength efficency). Same with all of rhinos abilities bar iron skin.

    It'd be like saying: Stomp's range should be affected by duration. Which I'd dig, cause quite frankly, it'd make it way cooler ( if it meant slowly increasing radial wave just like Molecular prime).

    So, if you dig stomp turning into a M-prime like effect, I'll gladly trade it for long range charge rhino. Otherwise, you're just kicking duration rhino in the codpiece.

  12. Thing is, the only way it doesn't end up crippling one or the other is if they take away it scaling at all.

    Which is sort of a lose lose situation unless they buff up the base duration of the charge on it. I understand you wants the delicious charge distance too (especially now it's seeing a buff), but there's a degree of fairness that you really need to keep in mind, you want variety to be a thing. One build to rule them all shouldn't be too much of a "Thing". 

    Besides, if you want to take advantage of the new charge when it rolls around, just build some duration into your rhino. You've even got primed cont, which means you don't even need to use narrow minded to all but cancel out your duration malus. Range already affects the striking distance of charge anyway, which can have some interesting effects if you increase it.

  13. You and I....we play different frames then.....cause you see....I've been playing Rhino Prime forever and he...."evolved" differently for the sake of being endgame.....


    So I hope you understand that I wish to be able to keep my build, and that my build keeps doing what it does but way better after the rework, while being able to use others as well. o -o


    In turn though, you'd deny a completely different, but equally valid build. Being able to zoom across to an ally on the pluto defense tileset and then give both you and them double power on everything for more than a minute is a very useful thing to do. 

    Raw power/efficency build isn't the only thing out there for rhino.


    In the entire time I've played rhino, his abilities have only changed once. Roar got a duration buff, and stomp started scaling with duration. The first is just a flat buff, and the second made it more rewarding to actually think about how you wanted to build rhino.

    I think I sit at around 39% rhino, 5% rhino prime. The only frame that exceeds either of those percentage wise is Broberon at a 8%. If you need 9 formas in Good ole rhino prime to compete with chroma/valkyr in anything but raw facetanking, you got to up your game son.


    Disclaimer: I could dig an armor buff up to 300, but he's only really not tanky when you're inside a negator bubble.



    Why are we comparing Rhino to Valkyr when we should obviously be comparing Rhino to Rhino 2.0(frost)? xD


    Apart from Rhino's roar it's difficult to say where Rhino actually has a real positive to speak of. I mean you could argue that iron skin makes him a mobile tank but unlike Frost's globe it becomes useless later on. Further more Frost's globe protects the entire party.


    Rhino's CC is mediocre at best compared to Frost's own CC which is now among the strongest in the game with a stun duration with no duration mods at 8 seconds which is longer the Rhino's and does more damage. 


    Iron skin is getting rework to operate like frost globe. Also comes with iron shrapnel to recast (and once the change comes in) potentially nuke enemies with their own damage. Globe does not protect against procs and CC like Iron skin does.

    Stomp actually has equal duration to avalance and longer range. Only issue is that you don't get a recast while it's active, unlike frost. Also doesn't reduce armor, but y'know.

  14. Both stomp and roar benefit from longer duration, and roar significantly moreso, so making distance travelled dependent on range would significantly reduce his workability between mobility and support abilities.

    Pretty much at the moment you build primarily for 1/3 or 2/4, though the other two are still usually useful. Changing charge to range would pretty much kill duration builds assuming iron skin's absorb duration doesn't scale off of it, since you'd be sacrificing your charge as well.

    That being said, I'd rather charge be a semi-controllable thing with a bit lower speed rather than what it is now, but I feel that'd be bit too hard to overall.

  15. Despite loving my rhino to all hell. Nah, just bring iron shrapnel. If his skin is getting a globe like effect applied to it, iron shrapnel is going to be scary. Just slap knockdown resist mod in your exilus if you want to survive the few scary moments.

    Charge is good with duration already, helps synergise with ironclad charge, although, ironclad should have smaller stacks, but stack its counter from charge to charge.

    The heavy impact should probably also extend to slamming into walls with rhino charge if they didn't say it was going to already.

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  16. Took me a long time to get to level 30 on my warframe (I got excalibur but I kinda wanted mag. Excalibur's 4th ability is really awesome though!) but I heard about those missions. Draco right? @_@ that's crazy. Has there been any talks to tone it down or something? Seems like a bad idea to have a place that levels you up so fast....But I guess it's too rampant now? I know Draco because everyone talks about it. I haven't been playing much but I know this forum can get kinda violent whenever the devs change something so....*shrugs!*

    Yeah, there's been repeated changes that affect how well draco works, but in the end, people adapt. The path of least resistance might need a bit more planning, but it won't stop people from taking it.

    Btw, you can rack up pretty decent XP if you can run spy missions cleanly without screwing up and triggering the alarms.

    But yeah, "Lets blow up the relay" is pretty much a section of the community that has fits over anything archwing related. There's a few who want to spite Baro and such, but mostly it's the former.

  17. yeah, not like that development group could be developing something else if aw wasn't taking up space. 

    Yeah, indeed, in no way might they actually want to do something specific that they want to do, given that people will whine here about it regardless.

    Anyway, with luck, if you don't want to do the gamemode, there'll be enough people to do it for you. The benefits of a community that shares different opinions.

  18. So uhh. Maybe we can just make it so she can drop to 2 HP, like quick thinking, but not stagger. Keep the base cost, but make it drain scale up to 200% based on remaining HP. More HP, more drain, less HP, less drain but higher risk of accidentally screwing up and insta-gibbing.

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  19. Can't find good pubs to help out? Friends or solo. Good frame and weapon will let you get any reward but a C T4 defence one solo, and even then you can do that with a bit of luck. It might be slower, or less efficent, but that's the price to pay for no chance of issues.

    Besides, if you're soloing, you don't even get a chance for a free rez. 

    You'll get the good and the bad, but if you do popular leechy grind spots, expect a higher frequency of lazy or trollish people, cause there's just more people there.

  20. -snip-

    Explanation about the quote: I was lazy, so I just put the responses in the quote bolded rather than copying out each paragraph. Sorry.

    Partially, I was sort of trying to get specific bits of your viewpoint, but uhh, Morec0 is scary good at discussions. Pretty much provided the information from you that I was looking for.

    There's one specific thing I want to respond to though, even though Morec0 did actually address it anyway,


    Yes, I'm sure thats how Ed Gein or Ted Bundy rationalized things as well. So many perverted activites we can excuse by playing make believe and pretending that another foreign body has no use of existence until we capture it.

    Huh? When people say something is defined by its conciseness not it's flesh, I fail to see how that excuses the activities of nut-jobs/sociopaths who went around killing and mutilating willy nilly. If you kill someone or something, it's very likely, that in real life, it's conciseness doesn't exist any more. With a living human or animal, there's some evidence that it is conscious. The moment you kill it, you, with almost complete certainty erase that conscious and all evidence of its existence, hell, you don't even need to to kill it, reducing a living thing to a vegatative state or even just rendering them unconscious (though there's a good chance they'll come back in this instance) are both pretty freakin' bad as well.

    No one in their right mind would use that phrase to excuse something like that.

    We get to ignore this stuff in warframe, just like we ignore the mass killings we do (only in the game I hope), cause it's a game.

    " its disturbing having bodies in lockers waiting for you to suit up inside them"

    Sorta why people see the Orokin as evil or extremely desperate. The idea that this empire made such a warrior that they would have this capability is what makes them so creepy (I mean, they made the infested as well and pretty much made both the original grineer and the modern grineer, and lets not forget the corrupted). Though I view the bodies as "living" in the sense that infested are, rather than say, "living" like the Kubrows are to help alleviate that, but yes, it is still exceptionally disturbing.


  21. We don't know the specifics of Valkyr's experimentation.

    There are a lot of specifics we don't know. Using this as a counter argument is also therefore void. That being said, that's a reasonable point, but either way, valkyr clearly has an augmented bits and some restraints attached as well, and the premium skin doesn't really disprove that the augmentation wasn't at least there orignally. Same argument implant wise can be made about the Grineer. Do you consider the Grineer "Human"?

    Why should I care about some ghost "dying", they transcend the corporeal world.

    Same reason you should care about any rational thinking being dying. Same argument can be said for a living human, why should I care about them dying; they've transcended the corporeal world.

    I find that about as compelling as a light bulb dying.

    Why should I care about some nebulous blob of plasma in general? What is there to relate to there? Just a bland mush with no distinct form, let alone mannerism. And its not even doing the actual fighting, just puppeting a golem? Even less captivating.

    That's uhh, a weird way at looking at human conciseness. So do you consider all people in the world bland and mushing with no distinct form, puppeting meat golems as they go about their daily lives? That's Rhetorical by the way, I assume you don't view people like that and actually view them as well, people.

    So I'll posit a question: If we suppose a close relative or such is subjected to a near death experience. The only way to save their life is to download their mind into another body, and they take the treatment. Do you care about them in their new body, or are they just "bland mush" puppeting it?

    And why should I sympathize with a being that apparently has so little regard or ethics for living bodies that it uses them as little more than meat taxi's?

    You must hate horse riders, huh? Also remember the vast majority of tenno have very little qualms about wholesale murder. Warframe (as in the game) takes place in a very grim world. I mean, everyone in the real world of today is pretty much using a meat taxi, at this very moment, if you view it like that.

    Its honestly not endearing in the least, its just treading Ed Gein territory.

    Did not know who Ed Gein was before this.

    Why should I accept something as stupidly meticulous as that method Warframe/Tenno function anyway? Why is the Rhino codex of all things being used to support this convoluted theory? The Rhino codex had one Rhino free and rampaging and then a room full of Zariman subjects, Tenno. Its quite the complete opposite of the one Tenno many Warframes concept.

    All this is just based on interpretation of information. Rhino P codex has the Proto-Rhino become calmed when coming into close proximity to the Zarman kids. Since the conciseness is an immaterial thing, there's no evidence for or against one of the kids doing a spooky possession of the Proto-Rhino. 

    Why should I accept this doubly awful theory when things like Lotus pointing out that Alad uses the bodies of discarded TENNO in the Zanuka project? Meaning the bodies aren't irrelevant husk. 


    Firstly, you don't have to, that's whats great about this. We don't have to accept each other viewpoints, and I don't really expect you to anyway. I just feel that you're misunderstanding how I view it, so I'm trying to help clarify

    The quote you're thinking of is: "Alad V's newest prototype is a monstrosity forged from the bodies of our fallen Tenno, we cannot allow Zanuka to go into full production. Destroy Alad V and his horrid 'pet'."


    That's the one you're thinking of yeah? Firstly, as I said, I consider the Tenno to be more of mind or spirit than body, so at an inital glance, the body would be useless without the tenno, right? But in terms of practicality, Warframes are actually highly advanced Orokin technology.  In essence, its still incredibly useful from the split body-soul point of view because it is filled to the brim with advanced tech that Alad V wants to (and does) use.

    The mission quotes do point in the other direction too though:

    "Be careful Tenno,  Zanuka has all the power of a Warframe with a full complement of mods. It's as if you are fighting one of your own today."

    See how it is "Warframe" not "Tenno"? I view that aspect as "Even with the body, Alad V is missing something to make Zanuka equivalent to a tenno". But interpretation of the implication behind the fact is just that, interpretation.

    And so on.

    Now onto humanities, you may be a solopsist That's a cool word, never heard of it before, but not actually what I'm thinking. and pretend that humans can't be made to do things against their will Actually, I just like to hope that we're not hijacking the bodies of sentient beings when we 'Tenno' into a warframe, I'm well aware the Orokin have mind control technology of some extent (see Corrupted, Mutalist Alad collar), or like to write off the victims that have been Not really sure what exactly you mean in this part here, but its pretty neglible to disregard that this is a thing that still has happened and still happens to what we biologically describe as humans, in multiple avenues around the world I'm well aware such things have happened. I also view a difference between bodyjacking and forcing someone to do something though.. For this reason, the idea that (people who have origin with the Orokin people) who were made to do things against their will, is a concept that is actually excercised by authors, regardless of what you feel makes someone human. So your reason for denying that the Tenno were legit people and are just meat puppets, is not a very good one.

    Nowhere do I deny that the Tenno are legit people. I just happen to think that they're not physical people.  Tenno are a human Conciseness, and the Warframe is their body. Whether they're a fleshy person or a mute robot or somewhere in between, that human conciseness is still there. They're still human to me.


    So, just one more time for clarity's sake:

    I don't believe not having a body makes you not human.

    I don't believe that not having a body makes you human either.

    I view Human is something that is defined by their Conciseness being that of a human. They have ideals, thoughts, memories, opinions, feelings, fears, desires etc.

    Tenno are human, they possess these things, even if they don't nessicarlly possess a body that is biologically "homo sapiens" or even their original one. The Grineer are too. As are many of the Corpus people we see. Are the corpus proxies "human" in that sense? Animals? Plants? Inanimate objects? I dunno, but it ain't exactly relevant to this.

    So, question for clarity: If you (like, you right now) download your mind into another body (through freakin' magical science or whatever), do you cease being human?

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  22. The most OP enemy is and will always be Napalms. The moment they go into void then those will take the crown~

    The reason we only have corrupted bombards is because even the tower sentry can't take down the Grineer Napalms, they're just too strong.

    That being said, Nullifiers are probably the most OP, since full CC immunity with a sniper rifle, high impassable durability is pretty much a winning combination. Even more so if they're Frost Exima.

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