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  1. kind of disappoint about Nyx change from last Dev stream. Passive probably needa rework or buff Skill 1 , i would prefer , when you control a enemy , you will get a buff at the same time, like damage resist or atk buff. like transfer those pain to your enemy. Skill 2, i think its good, but increase the number to 8 , would be much better. Skill 3 is useful , but increase the stun time would be better. Skill 4 change should be the most useful change this time with Augment mod. Nyx right now is good at CC (s3) and Debuff (s2), but survival and atk should get improve.
  2. sorry for not say things clear, but we do the test in normal mission ( non lich/sortie/arbitration), so that nothing deal with lich. and as you say my inaros is ard 7K health, 740 armor , guardian arcane and adaption. and skill 4 augment mod can immunity all Status effects. thats why we think its a bug
  3. when i party with my friends and clan member, and sometimes our frame/ defense target got a sudden death even using super tank frame ( eg inaros/nidus/nezha). and then we find out that there may be a bug with kuva/sister weapon ( with element radiation) .so one clan member and me have done some test. the frame we used Inaros ( with skill 4 augment mod), Nezha Prime so we are immunity to Status effects , make sure we wont affected by enemy radiation effect. the weapon we used Bramma / Evoy ( both with radiation , bramma with ard 50%, Evoy 60%) result : like we have test ard 30 mission together . in total 7 mission we use our weapon to break our defense target(full shield and health) in one hit and we die at the same time. when we test , we have made sure, there is no special enemy ( eg: stalker / acroytle /syndicate) if you know the reason please tell me, but we think its probably a bug. thx for reading
  4. Shwarzin is good, but please no more RNG grabbag, its sucks
  5. end so sudden ? seems didnt see announcement in game
  6. hope every one can get ephemera soon. My case is 20 killed 1 ephemera
  7. hope the next unvault is saryn and Limbo
  8. the last update has made acolyte spawn faster than before. i really feel the difference after the update. but these two days, i have done ard 20 steel path misson ( both solo and party) acolyte come only in 3 mission. and i have waited till 10 mins if he didnt, but still didnt appear. anyone got the same situation, please tell me. not sure about its a bug or not .
  9. actually its happen quiet often, and now i know that im not the only one got this problem. its affect so much for doing fashion frame . hope DE can fix it as asap.
  10. having the same bug also cant buy nitan to build my new frame, hope DE can fix it soon
  11. What are your MicroSD card specs? i save in switch console Were you playing your Switch handheld or docked? i have tried both, but no different Were you playing the mission solo or in a squad? i have tried both, but no different What was your play style? For example, did you aggressively fight enemies or try to rush past them? Did you and your squad mates destroy crew ships with the Tunguska Cannon or by boarding them? Did you go for points of interest during the heat of battle or were you waiting for the main objective to be completed? mostly just go to sister directly my current situation is i can complete the mission with 4/5 try . but its kind of wasting time, i needa do the same quest 4/5 times and only once complete
  12. still got the problem, update till now cant kill my first sister . when can fix the bug
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