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  1. but not only stagger , also slash status has been removed ( Decisive Judgement/Crossing snake/Swirling Tiger etc) PS not all slash, just part of it
  2. My WF discord mate have found out that some melee stance got changed after the update 29.10 . seems those chage havnt found in the official update note(may be i missed? if somebody see it please tell me), any tenno found out the same situation? for example :nikana stance( Decisive Judgement/Blind Justice) some force status has been removed
  3. i think most of the player hate , is not about they dont please the drop. the problem is RNG which there is a obvious gap between different drop ( common and rare ). like some weeks before, there is grab bag for different lens , it is still please for most of the player. If drop gonna be a grab bag, they should better be the same item or same type( like 5 different floof etc) , i think there wont be that many player against it .
  4. 4 Flower Decanter and 1 Floof, dont make any RNG drop anymore, if DE still want to listen to player
  5. got 3 drop and 3 drop are the same, RNG is sucks
  6. Why there are many players hate RNG drop, and DE still keep doing that ? Did the communication team really try or want to know about WF players ?
  7. When player 1 leave the game, originally player 2( which become player 1 after somebody leave game) archgun damage will become very low. seems many player got the same bug too, have asked in game chat . cause of this bug , its forced to extract , when player one leave
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