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  1. I learned the entire system in less than two days. It's about as complicated as warframe itself is for newer players. And as with everything in this game, the internet is your bestfriend when it comes to learning how different things work. In a worst case situation, just find squads to join in railjack missions. It's a great way to farm components as well as dirac. If you're simply using railjack to gain mastery, continue doing that and slowly level up intrinsics. If you're looking to farm certain items such as the Tenebrous Ephemera... figure it out, and learn how to solo Veil missions solo,
  2. First off lemme just state how I feel. I'm an xbox player so I just managed to get Lavos tonight for the first time and having read about his abilities as well as seen him in game I think his kit seems like a very interesting idea. I was actually really excited to get him and play around with builds for him but he's just so ugly. Supposedly the creator of Lavos drew his concept art while on his lunch break and qssuming the in game look is relatively consistent with that drawing I don't think going off of an absentminded sketch is the best idea. He looks clunky, lopsided and disproportionate al
  3. HI there, so I recently got a great riven for one of the brand new Deimos weapons. The stats for the weapon are about as great as they could be considering the minimum disposition of the weapon.... but even then the stats themselves feel really mediocre. I'm under the assumption that this particular weapon won't be insanely popular and so I'm wondering... will the stats for that riven slowly increase alongside the disposition? Or will I have to reroll the riven once the disposition gets better in order to get better stats?
  4. I have a Kuva Nukor lich, the Lich's weapon is a nukor with toxin damage on it. I know about the strategy of farming thralls by holding off on killing the Lich so that it will enthrall grineer around it. But I've been dancing around my Lich for almost 5 minutes now and instead of enthralling grineer all around it.... it's fighting them and killing them. What is this? Aren't they supposed to be working together? I was wondering if maybe the fact that my lich has a nukor could potentially mean he's somehow irradiating other grineer- causing them to turn and attack him but the elemental bonus is
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