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  1. Other than the bug i hope they also rework the way you activate the special suspend throw it is way too rigid and tedious to stand still and do all the annoying requirements to activate it and it really disrupts the fluid motion of your attacks making it too bothersome to use which is so annoying because its so cool and deals amazing damage ( actually its not too amazing but it gets the job done at least )it just takes way too long (this talking about the dedicated melee mode (hold f mode) specifically , with dual wielding the only problem is that stupid speed bug preventing you from charging
  2. Does this mean orvius is finally getting a fix for the attack speed bug/rework in general ?
  3. This was already posted by someone else but was very short and didn't get any response so i'm posting a newer version with more details TL;DR Too much attack speed (by too much i mean ANY amount of increase) will prevent dual wielding glaives from performing a Charged throw which doesn't matter for the rest of the glaives but completely disables orvius' special ability which is the only selling point of the whole weapon . Also please get rid of the block to activate the orvius ability mechanic . I did some quick testing with orvius , pathocyst and xoris to confirm this bug :
  4. Status effects on you that color shift the screen have the shift stay after it's over and it can also stack this only appeared the last few hotfixes
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