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  1. Sadly still no fix for galvanized mods... and for throwing weapons not benefiting from C.O
  2. Yeah, let's buff the most broken ability for very high level content.
  3. Who is going to play braton, athodai or Sh it like that when you can use staltha, spectra vandal or phage. You say 'We are changing Melee and Primary in for the singular purpose of making the combat experience more balanced, especially at high level play (Steel Path, etc). ' But it will make a even bigger gap between great weapon and the ones that are bad. Take each weapon, balance them for once and for all, do same things for rivens: gg Melee nerf is really good tho but why would you stack attack speed mods when you have arcane/volt speed/ (insert attack speed buff)
  4. Intresting content when? High level enemies when? Primary and secondary rework when?
  5. See quassus & Arum spinosa up -> yeah... something is wrong. Stop nerfing rivens because they are porular. Focus on the weapons that are BAD. Dont buff the ones that are giga broken op already. Use stats, calculate. if you dont know how to calculate, ask proples from the community, we have tons of tools that are public to calculate that. Kronen prime is not OP because of the riven, it's because of the super high stats and the broken stance. Same for nami skyla.
  6. Fix quassus and all non hitscans melee not working with Condition Overload. Thanks
  7. The new update changed the objectives of kelpie and kappa to help with the new player experience. I think that this is a mistake because... well... they dont experience disruption? And this was here since two years. You could have made this change way before now. Also, if you wanna keep that, change the name of kappa and kelpie to keep their old names (kelpie as a disruption and kappa as a spy). Just change the location and not only the objectives. This is confusing for old player and speedrunners.
  8. Please, keep Kelpie as a disruption. And kappa as a spy. Just change their names. Also... new player experience? Its sedna. One of the maps at the end of the star chart. Dont you guys think new players should play every game mode?
  9. Fixed condition overload not working on quassus and others throwing weapons when? :(
  10. Thats really sad to have Chroma instead of Loki. Cya in 4month, or in 6 when there is content.
  11. Nahh, they released steelpath and they will probably never make another update like that or improve it.
  12. Fixed Quassus and others throwing weapons not working with Condition Overload when?
  13. Please fix Quassus and throwing weapons not working Ith CONDITION OVERLOAD pleave give us real content. This update is great, really but after 40min for the mission and some plats spend because of how bad railjack feels and is for a Warframe player that wanna play warframe not railjack, there is no content after that. Where are the corpus liches, where is replayability, i want to farm, where is the farm. I want to stay playing the game for 6hours if not more like a few years ago. But there is nothing like that anymore.
  14. Please, fix condition overload not working properly on quassus, stropha and some throwing weapons
  15. Please fix Quassus and orhers theowing weapons not working with condirion overload (hahaglaive) If old scaling/harder enemies.
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