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  1. Remove this system, there is no reason to keep a system that bad. And why would you even trade ban, it's not like there is valuable items anymore.
  2. Delaying after delaying, this really is a disaster.
  3. Hi! No legendary pack with the tennocon ? I want to create my Glyph 😞
  4. Thanks for the hotfix. Please, change vazarin numbers. This school is unplayable. Btw, Vazarin cant heal the orb vallis objective (the one you trap and have to defend) For the drone in PoE, you can still make it unvulnerable. Just to say that you made Vazarin unplayable AND bugged. Please, do something about the peoples getting trade banned for no reason. Change the armor nerf please, make it that after lvl 200 it get the old scaling.
  5. Thanks for the hotfix. Will you do something for Vazarin ? since the last change it's almost worthless to play this school. At least instead of a flat HP please make it a %HP . It will not be overpowered but it will still be usable.
  6. Hello, Thanks for the hotfix. Relics are bugged since last update. We cant see the others team mates relics they show the same thing that on the screen. NVM it got fixed with the Hotfix. But Looks like on english launcher it's not in english . after some seconds it got updated.
  7. Can I get a vazarin refund so I can change to zenurik? The cryo got 50K hp+ in defense arbitration, it would take ~20years to make the cryopod full HP. Even in low level mission it's not good. Just make it 10% of the objective health at least. You didnt nerfed it, you just removed it from the game.
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