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  1. I understand that you dont make beta to keep the whole update for release and dont have leaks but I think you should try to find trustworthy peoples around the community to test this updates before release.
  2. As-tu essayé de quitter la mission puis de revenir? Tu jouais solo?
  3. What about they continue to discover the game and finishing the starchart before putting roar on their Inaros? What amount of ressource a MR8 have ? they have nothing to put in the helminth system, even making this a MR15 felt very low. I thought that was a Veteran thing. You really are putting hype on things and then #*!%ing everyone in the back. AS ALWAYS.
  4. Nice job DE as always for destroying the game little by little. I give this game 2years.
  5. Numbers? we dont care about increase or decrease if we dont have the NUMBERS remove roar ty
  6. And you can press tab to access it and you can still play.
  7. This is what I think about the new mission screen 1- Tab in mission There is a scroll bar, but can you even access it? When using tab, you can quickly access to the mission results. There is a problem there already: We dont see the rare loots first.We should get first the rare loots, that we see at the left of the screen exemple: STEEL ESSENCES, argon, kuva For exemple, after getting the whole first screen full of ressources, we cant quickly see how many Steel essences we got. 2- The mission results You really have to think about what is really rare or not, Alloy plat
  8. Can we talk about Steel essences not having the hard mode modifiers?
  9. Where Inoros rework? he literally have no spells
  10. Trying firsts maps, compared to the beta, that literally change nothing, this is a hard mode but enemies just show 100lvl higher. they still get 1shot. Nice update but bad update, you could improve but this will be a dead gamemode in 2days after unlocking the armors.
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