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  1. So I'm trying to get the concept of primes... are they exactly the same as regular frames but have polarities added? Are there any buffs or any adjustments besides that? I dont have two side by side to compare but seems a bit backwards to not include something that makes those frames worth getting the prime for. Weapons are weapons so wont point out anything there.
  2. So prior to the update I had a fusion core and when I tried looking for it yesterday idk where it is. I had it for over a week prior to the update but never bothered to look for it until yesterday and it's not showing up anywhere and kind of frustrated because I havent fused or upgraded anything at all... just in case, where would you normally find it before I file a report on it or else if they can trace what happened maybe?
  3. I think it switches to the last used pet but I'm not 100% sure. It does seem counterproductive.
  4. Agreed when I logged in after the update I ranked up do the missing amount got added.
  5. They changed it up so you can select the kudrow in the equipment screen... not sure if that helps.
  6. Posted 2 bugs and not sure how one of them will affect the tokens and such you need for the void...
  7. So the first bug I noticed is using kuva nukor and switching back to the Xoris caused the heavy throw mechanic to be disabled. Not sure if it's for all secondary weapons but just having it as the secondary at all seems to cause the lockout for melee heavy attack with it. When using primary and switching back to melee it works fine. Second is the fact that completing the deadlock creates a time loop where the quest is still active and reset as well with the mission decipher the deadlock coming back on cytherean (venus) level 10-13 as my current quest despite completing deadlock and getting the protea bp. Just wanted to throw this out there.
  8. It seems once you clear it, the deadlock reboots as active from the beginning again for some reason... meaning the entire quest line is reset. is this intended or?
  9. It's easy to do... have each associated with a number then random it. The next day it checks what number got picked, removes it then goes random. It's pretty basic coding wise.
  10. Correct yesterday and today it's only been storm ones on the switch. Kind of ridiculous they didnt forsee this.
  11. So is there some trick to reset the featured dojos or something? I'm stuck with 2 storm ones and it not triggering at all and it's been like that for 2 days now.
  12. I was pondering and reading thru all this and saw that someone mentioned her not being good in rescue, capture, and I believe sabotage, maybe even interception and even spy... I'm looking at this from a outside the box perspective but what if you used temporal anchor for areas that are tricky in solo play? Or hitting a target and rewind with the target cleared... I'm not sure or havent read if the anchor resets alarms after rewind but that would be a good and logical thing to do to make her viable in spy missions especially in solo play and sabotage as well. It also makes for a good scouting ability for void runs. One thing I've been thinking about as a test for the turret though is running her through the lephantis derelict run and seeing how it fares there. I havent really done that in ages but I do remember it got annoying in it's own way doing it solo and if the turret can last long enough to lock and shoot the portion of lephantis that pops and disappears and do decent damage... I think you get the just hopefully. Maybe someone should do that solo and show the dev's how the run works with protea solo with her signature gear as the perfect example of what needs to work. Another test would be on sedna arenas as well. Seeing how protea performs under those two sections and in the sorties as well in video so the dev's can see how she performs and should perform might help out more than anything. I also just realized another interesting video would see how she fared in veil proxima and sentient runs too. If anyone who has her can run videos of this I'm sure the dev's might take notice and be more willing to adjust things if it does make things alot rougher on people who are soloing.... (just due to the fact that the multiplayer part seems to be already taken care of?) Anywho, that's my thoughts and yes, I'd love to see the videos of these three tests myself as I'd love to see how she fares in particular with railjacking as I automatically go to ivara for the content due to survivability. If this rubs people rub I'm sorry but I am trying to look at this from the dev point and seeing issues on video along with using the signature(gear in the new void) stuff to show exactly what everyone is saying might tip things into our favor here as I've yet to see anyone do these videos. Good luck tennos!
  13. I always thought baruuks desolate hands were fists... considering all the actions for them are similar to any fist type weapon... so why is it being said they are daggers??
  14. I forgot to post this here but did it in players helping players but the nightwave orbiter seems to suffer from extreme pixellation of some sort while on the screen to alter the color scheme. Honestly it reminded me of minecraft patterns and even the in flight sequences at times shows the pixellation also. I've gotten it back on Tuesday and love it but can you please check it? Also I did notice two small pieces under it 'flopping' constantly even when landing in a relay and not sure if that's intended. Also can you verify the range of the air support effect and if its spherical? Have a funny feeling it is but if you could have the audio wave affect rotate then to hint its spherical would be nice too.
  15. That does actually make sense to me as you could tune it to specific runs and have it scalable as well. Sort of like exalted weapons in my view of it and since its duration based and not energy does make this seem like a viable option.
  16. Operator, I have questions... 1. Why are grineer called grineer when they do not grin? 2. Why are corpus called corpus when they are not dead yet? 3. How do infested pilot a ship? Are they smarter than ordis? Sorry I have 3 but I do bring these up in discord alot... and ordos tends to be that way.
  17. Even though I'm console only, I'm curious and a bit worried about the turret for protea being non scaled... everything else sounds great in words except that to me... as for one eager to use her, I am curious if cert was done on console or in the middle or not started yet? Just because you did mention slipping it in under console cert... (which to me sounds like it's in cert and these fixes will be implemented when its cert cleared and added to the update?)
  18. I managed to get this back on monday and noticed when I changed the colors on it that it looked very pixelated or blocky for some reason... I know alot of people dont have it yet as I've gotten comments and shocked texts as people noticed the ship or the air support (which is awesome btw just wish it lasted longer). Also evidently it makes noises as it approaches someone when joining a group? Theres alot of coolness to this and all but I digress. I'm not sure why it looked so pixelated or blocky but it made it hard to see if the colors matched and if it was prism or what kind of textures were on it... meaning reflective or not? Just need some input on that color part and if it's intended to be that way or what exactly.
  19. Thanks for making me feel not crazy for finding that bit. ☺️
  20. Yeah I went back through them and I was sure I saw it... could've sworn it was friday so maybe I misread but I swear I saw it 😞
  21. It was in one of the hotfix updates I thought or it was a quick dev post saying they were in cert... I havent tried going back around looking for it but I know it was prior to monday that I found it. I'm 95% it was a slip up but in update notes or something?
  22. They did if you poke around. I believe Friday they said posted that something is in cert so that sounded like deadlock protocol cert with the hot fixes implemented from pc too. That's why I'm not using caps lock.
  23. If you did everything minus halls and the 2 parts you should be near 25 atm. I've been railjacking and completed all the nightwave missions so far and halfway to 27 atm. It makes me worry though that the acts are slower than progression at this point... I havent done a prior nightwave besides intermission but it seems like the acts were but weekly versus this.
  24. Not really... it's for pc only it seems -.- they should do all at once. Looks like end of july for us if we follow the pattern right? Which means no nightwave part 2 or deadlock... sad times here 😞
  25. I was actually looking forward to both of these as it would be something new and interesting to do as the new nightwave cephalon gear when collected led me thinking of what the future episodes are.. also from what I've been reading, this is one of the longer delays on nightwave episodes? Finally I have noticed alot more crashing in profit taker where the entire party crashes out at different portions or at the same time alot lately and theres still the horrible lag at exploiter orb loading in or out of each segment. Btw what's with the console with the cipher dial at the exploiter that's works but doesnt have anything to solve it? Was there a older way of doing exploiter orb?
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