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  1. It still says in the rank up menu of the Arbiters of Hexis console on the Orbiter that they want Equinox Prime's Neuroptics, rather than the Atlas Prime Systems. Haven't tested if it's just visual, as I haven't crafted the systems yet.
  2. Can we get Banshee's noble animation take colour instead of being the default green energy?
  3. There's some really annoying bug that when you want to extract alone, the timer keeps resetting infinitely making it impossible to leave without aborting or convincing the three other people to go with you. Seen that happen to a teammate and now it happened to me.
  4. So I pick Tier 3 from the mother in the Necralisk and it keeps matchmaking me with people doing tier 1, come on.
  5. Now that Banshee's unvaulted, can we get her noble animation finally fixed? It doesn't take energy colour.
  6. Trying to complete my Steel Path node for this boss, having the same issue.
  7. Run some RJ missions today and encountered both humongous invisible walls AND crazy amount of hull breaches.
  8. As seen on the screenshot, I am using blue energy/emisssive on my Banshee Prime, yet when she does her idle "cast" animation thing, it's default green. Her agile animation works as intended.
  9. Missing the point much? Nobody mentioned wanting to shut her up because of what colour she is, but because of how annoying, repetitive the three lines she says are. I don't like Lotus explaining to me how Mobile Defence works for a millionth time either. But this is a thread about Nightwave.
  10. I don't think I've ever called anything a "content island". You can ignore the eximus units if you so desire and they don't follow you spawning around the map. They also don't die in an explosion possibly wiping your fish or animals. They don't alert the whole map either. Annnd, they don't have an annoying voice-over when spawning, either. I don't mind variety or more difficult encounters, this just isn't implemented well. It's extremely intrusive and disruptive of whatever you might have wanted to do in a said mission. So yeah, I'd rather have a "content island" than these pri
  11. I don't care how easy these things are to kill. They are an annoying, unfun gimmick; cannot be ignored, murder your fish/animals/stealth multipliers and offer nothing of value. If anything, they should have their own mission/alert, like regular fissues do, instead of intruding on every mission I do.
  12. This. These things are at this point incredibly effin' annoying, intruding on almost every mission (except fissures), killing animals, fish, stealth multipliers, etc. and offering absolutely nothing of value to anyone who's been around last few months. I don't know why finishing this nonsense before the next gens show up and just doing an intermission isn't something that occurred to DE, but come on. Most of these "new" players will be people upgrading from the old consoles anyway.
  13. Can we get the waypoints finally fixed/reworked? It's been years and it's ridiculous.
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