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  1. But that's not in game though. One shouldn't have to constantly go outside of the game in order to find all of this info. If clans are such a big deal for the game, then it should be an in game system to do the research to find one.
  2. I've played quite a few online games but Warframe has to have some of the most unusual design decisions I've seen. The big one that I find frustrating is that a lot of progress is stymied not with pay walls but with whether you're in a clan or not. I find that this really lessens the experience one can have with this game. As it currently stands, I'm not in a clan. As a result, I'm locked out from purchasing certain blueprints. This would be fine if the blueprints were for things like cosmetic items or certain weapons, things that don't have an overall impact to whether I can play the gam
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