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  1. What mods/gear should I equip besides a maxed out Vitality? I still need Vitality and Redirection equipped to stand a chance most times.
  2. I'm having trouble defending, it's always getting destroyed. I can only make it to the 3rd wave newbie it's destroyed
  3. I'm MR 5 and have Excalibur and Rhino warframe but having real trouble beating it. Should I hold off on this mission till I'm a huge mastery rank or till I get a better warframe? Any tips?
  4. Which rifle do you think is best at MR 5? I'm currently using a HEK and Boltor, but I definitely feel like I need an upgrade
  5. Awesome thanks for the help! Would you recommend using a Orokin Catalyst on either the Boltor or HEK for more mod slots, or would it be best to save them for a better gun down the road?
  6. Hey, so here's where I'm at right now: Mastery Rank 4 Warframes: Excalibur (maxed) , Ember (maxed). Waiting for Rhino and Mag to finish crafting Weapons: Boltor (max), HEK (max) , MK1-Braton (max) Melee: Skana (max), Fragor (max) Would appreciate any advice on what Mods I should be equipping or leveling up? Which weapons should I be crafting going forward?
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