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  1. Endo's Keeper, incredibly strong and powerful! It consists almost entirely of Endo and is able to turn defeated enemies into this precious resource. it is invulnerable to normal attacks, only the power of the void can damage it. His sole purpose is to guard the treasure house with Endo. Хранитель Эндо, невероятно сильный и могущественный! Он почти полностью состоит из Эндо и способен превратить поверженных врагов в этот драгоценный ресурс. Он неуязвим для обычных атак, только лишь сила бездны способна нанести ему урон. Единственная его цель - охранять сокровищницу с Эндо.
  2. Don't you think the current Foundry UI in the game is too inconvenient ? Has anyone ever used tabs at the top? It's faster and easier to find something by searching! Stop putting up with it!!!))0)) I'm giving my redesign to foundry which has one of the most important features there is a place for favorite items! There are also sub tabs, weapons and warframe! I also added two radiobutton. The first one displays only those items that have enough resources and can be crafted! The second one displays only those items that match your rank (<=) so what do you think about this? Leave fee
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