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  1. This thread is a mess, but a job well done anyhow for being able to attract this much attention.
  2. Title. Which is better? Also, I heard Vermisplicer was buggy, is it still true?
  3. It’s just another way for DE to make money, has been in the game forever and will never be removed despite every forum thread out there. At the end of the day it’s all about money.
  4. You’re not too far off, Mag is a likely candidate, but since DE just gave out Loki there is a low chance he’ll be unvaulted.
  5. You left out the fact that thinking like that is not a fun way to live, when you only have one life and you don’t get to experience the highs and lows, what do you think people will choose to do? It’s useless to try and temper people’s expectations.
  6. TYPE: Volt Electric Shield Bug DESCRIPTION: I was doing Eidolon Hunts when I placed down a shield and when I switched to operator mode Volt picked it up and when I switched back I couldn't use any of my weapons until I dropped the shield. I had my primary equipped at the time and I had a melee weapon. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: When Volt places down the shield, switch to operator mode when the UI displays that Volt can pick up the shield. EXPECTED RESULT: When transferring to operator mode, Volt shouldn't pick up the shield to my knowledge. OBSERVED RESULT: When transferring to operator mode, Volt picked up the shield and when you switch back if a primary was equipped it would bug out and cause you to not be able to switch weapons until you dropped the shield. REPRODUCTION RATE: If the primary weapon was equipped when Volt was near enough the shield that the UI shows it can be picked up when transferring to the operator, it works 100% of the time. However, it does not happen when either the secondary or melee weapon are equipped, but Volt still picks up the shield.
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