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  1. Please fix the mr30 blessing not showing up when given in any relay. It only shows that i have given it when i leave the relay and see that i have it in my ui. This has happened to me repeatedly and 2 other friends that i have that are mr30.
  2. When I get to a relay to give a Blessing, it doesnt show that I gave it while im there.. This has happened many times now.. It didnt show it when I tryed it the first time after passing the MR 30 test.. Then it seemed to be ok the next couple of times and now the last two times its been a no show, My friend has experienced the same thing... I only see that it worked after I have left the relay as its on me as well. I think ppl should know that someone is benefiting them as you guys had designed and its not working correctly.. If this is how its suppose to be then ok... but its not how
  3. I tryed to do some hunting today in the orb vallis and my kubrodon lure was missing.. even though the biz shows that I own one.. Ive used it before but its gone from my gear wheel. Not to mention when I tryed to track other animals.. the vermink for one.. the tracks and the scat totally disappear after I hit x on the scat to follow the tracks.. Not going to waste my time with this if this is what we can expect.. This has got to be because of the NEW update to railjack.. no other reason.. Always seems to be new bugs when we get an event or update... please fix the hunting problem
  4. just wanted to say that in the last couple of days I have been having a horrible time inviting or being invited by ppl.. I cant join my friends in playing when they invite me, it says host unreachable.. or if I invite someone it says so and so appears to be offline... this has just started in the last few days in that it happens EVERYDAY... it use to happen everyonce and a while before but now its constant...
  5. I looked all over for mine after the stream, i got the communication from teshin that i got it but couldnt find it...it was in the emotes, i thought it would be on the regular gear wheel. But its an emote.. Doh!
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