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  1. As a Conclave newbie, mods really aren't that important at all there, most have some sort of trade-off and the ones that are just flat upgrades are nice, but really don't matter that much.
  2. Depends on how they handle the mode. If you're bad at The Conclave like myself you could get less than that for a round of annihilation that lasts 10 minutes. If all the hard mode does is make levels higher and add some modifiers akin to those in nightmare missions, a capture mission is still not going to take longer than 2 minutes. Not to mention that you can run those missions whenever you want and not run into the problem of no servers being active within your ping limit.
  3. Even some minor changes like maybe giving Slash Dash some more damage, more range and a larger hitbox (since the chain has a tendency of whiffing half the damn time) and giving Radial Javelin level scaling (similar to the scaling given to Vauban's Flechette Orbs in the buff he received after his rework) would make the abilities have at least some uses at higher levels.
  4. (PS4)fdsc77

    PvP Reborn

    People choose any specific one to play because they all play differently. You could streamline Warframe's gameplay by removing or reducing the parkour and still have it be a different third-person shooter PvP experience from any other, but considering that the games that Warframe would have to compete with in the PvP market are going to have a main PvP focus while the main focus of Warframe will likely never shift from the PvE, I doubt DE could make a solid enough experience to make the PvP gain any traction.
  5. (PS4)fdsc77

    PvP Reborn

    Those changes would make the PvP feel like that of a more traditional shooter's and on the surface that could make it seem more appealing to a broader audience, sure, but why would anyone stop playing the space ninja game to play as one of the chumps that get slaughtered by them instead, especially when they could just play any of those traditional shooters if that's the experience they're after? DE had the exact same idea when they introduced Lunaro to the game. Considering how that turned out, I'm not very optimistic for this potential new racing mode.
  6. (PS4)fdsc77

    PvP Reborn

    Even if you managed to lower the Conclave's skill floor enough to make it accessible for everyone without somehow making warframes (or whatever alternative you want to create for them) feel painfully slow, and that's a huge if, I still don't think most people would care about or like PvP at all. It's true that a lot of other PvE based games have successful PvP modes, but the gameplay of those modes is generally at least somewhat similar to the core gameplay already found in the main game. Warframe is primarily a horde shooter, the core gameplay consists of playing as what is basically a demigod and slaughtering hundreds of braindead enemies, often at the press of a single button. Do you seriously think that people who enjoy this would enjoy any form of PvP at all? And that the people who would be interested in a PvP mode like this wouldn't be bored by Warframe's core gameplay before even giving PvP a shot?
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