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  1. In my personal opinion, they are not that fun to play with. But that's probably because I like the game exactly because it is fast-paced and I can move fast. With the Necramechs, not so much. They can still be fun (depending on your stance, if it's different to mine - tbh I don't think they are unfun either), and they can have niche uses. As for the grind: it is not as bad as you make it sound like. There are far worse grinds in the game, and while getting the necramech parts, you are getting other useful stuff, too.
  2. I noticed it always says it failed in the red banner at the top. If I click again, then it shows as claimed (with the failed banner). But it might also be that one needs to be in-game to get the message for the drop? In the end, I've got all the drops I'm eligible for, but indeed there seem to be some rough edges which need to be ironed out...
  3. You can put the Shawzin as a decorator in your Orbiter. It doesn't appear in your inventory, though. This confused me, too, as I got the message in Inbox but couldn't find it in inventory. In case you have the emote and can place the decordation, then that's all there is to it.
  4. Yes, I've actually made a personal "to-do" list to get all the missing frames (also a few I've got the prime version before the regular ones are missing from the list). I've never just come around to grind that boss again. For NW assassination: I seem to get it by accident trough other means (Invasion / Phorid) so I've had little reason to ever re-take this boss fight. 😉
  5. The components of Broken War (not the BP) are seriously annoying to farm, though. I still agree with others. Especially, if you got a potato / forma in the broken war, don't burn it but make another one.
  6. My personal favourites: Nezha (speedy, tanky, burns stuff after him, can spike enemies - overall just fun to play with) Vauban (good for defense, has fun electrocuting grindy meatball thingys and killer popcorn!) Nekros (resource farming) Octavia (for trolling with rolling music box! Seriously, also just fun to play and effective at defensive missions) Titania (as a mosquito it is easy to go to difficult to reach places, or traverse the whole map in an instant) Some frames I may have just ignored because, by coincidence, after mastering them I haven't played w
  7. This is not true; the only difference is aspect ratio and different amount of horizontal space (on the same FOV setting), as this is a vertical FOV adjustable game. If the game had a horizontally adjustable FOV (as many other games do), then what you say would be true. Please look at the links I've posted previously. I agree setting aspect wrongly makes no sense and those points, but I never suggested setting aspect ratio wrong. I believe it has a manual setting exactly for the cases your display as some weird pixel aspect ratio (most displays have 1:1, but back in the days of 4:3 CRTs th
  8. Toroids and mods, if they were picked up, will be lost. If they were bounty rewards they will not be lost (vast majority of mods are pickups from enemies, whereas mods are only one of the many possible bounty drops). From a quick glance on the reward charts on the linked page, no bounty drops toroids (EDIT: Profit-Taker bounty can drop toroids as a reward, but always in many cases they drop from enemies or are just found on the map - i.e. pickups), and AFAIK fractures don't use the bounty mechanism either (could be wrong, though - I haven't done many bounties, only a few by half-accident;
  9. This claim is just plain wrong. People can extract (from open areas) as they please. Those who are not in extract zone when the counter reaches zero, will stay. Parts of the squad are leaving all the time when I'm playing public (in PoE, Orb Vallis - hasn't happened so much on Deimos, though), although most of the time the whole squad wants to leave at once, and sometimes people use the "leave squad" feature (I've been in the "left behind" -group several times, either because I wanted to stay on purpose or because I was too slow). Partial extraction and using leave squad are identica
  10. Well, not having the option is another issue. It should always be there: open main menu (obviously there's no ESC on XBOX, or is there? I don't play with XBoxes 😆), hover cursor over your avatar icon to open the "leave squad" menu. If you can not do that in open world areas, then there's another bug... As fot the other rewards: I'm stating what should be happening, this is common knowledge. Note that the mission failed screen will not reflect you getting the said items, they will just be imbursed to your account nevertheless... (supposedly! It is entirely possible they didn't for some rea
  11. @taiiat, That is true, but as OP wants to use maximum FOV and this game has vertical FOV setting, then setting the resolution to a wider one will give a bit more viewable in-game area on the sides (if one does not prefer to set it at maximum, then it could be compensated with the setting for less-wider displays). @4veil: Glad you got it working! (I missed somehow the problem in your last post, I can see it now clearly)
  12. I believe this has nothing to do with clicking "no" on the voting (as voting "no" will not dismantle the squad in any case). However, I have noticed that (perhaps because of networking glitches / whatever), if the host leaves the squad, reforming the squad ("host migration") often does not work, especially in the open worlds. It more often works than doesn't, but still fails often enough to be annoying. There is really no workaround. In other words: I believe what happened to OP was that 1) the host of the squad left or 2) there was a networking glitch (the host lost connection). If
  13. One thing you could try, is go to the settings and set Graphics Engine to Classic if it is set to Enhanced, and try in both window and fullscreen (and definitely use the DX11 in case you tried the DX12 renderer!). Also, try out older Proton versions (you still didn't state which ones you have tried); this is probably the most useful bit of information to troubleshoot, and could be useful for other users if they have the same issue. Also, as I said - I had problems with the most recent one available via Steam, and needed to use an older one for the initialization... so trying out different
  14. I don't use Lutris, mainly because I'm quite adept in Linux systems (screwing around different distributions for nearly 20 years, gaming with plain Wine before Steam even existed), and as such, I can do the same tweaks Lutris does "under the hood" myself manually. To me, personally, Lutris is more a cause of a hassle than what I gain by using it - but for someone who does not want to / does not know that much about Wine, Proton and their settings and just wants to get a game running with as little tinkering as possible, it is a good product. Important questions: Which GPU do you use
  15. He'd have hard time finding a GPU which would be worse than the IGP. See: https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/radeon-vega-8.c3042 (although the relative perfomance part here is only a rough indicator, it does give some idea where we are). All IGP:s use the system RAM AFAIK (at least this one and most probably all on the Ryzen; it's very unlikely the CPU would have on-die RAM of 6GB just for the IGP). This is not the only reason, but one of the reasons they are so slow. Any RAM used by the IGP is not available as regular RAM (i.e. less system RAM available for software), and the
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