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  1. I also play with people I know - the problem is, I was the first one who got the Railjack built ;-)
  2. Another newbie Railjack owner here... What on earth (EDIT: Oops! I mean in space!) is a (/the?) tether? Also, somewhere else (don't remember where) it was mentioned a good Railjack pilot avoids boarding parties and one-shotting enemy weapons. Problem is, I have no idea how to avoid these / what do they even look like / what to look for. My Railjack has been boarded, while my (newbie) crew was outside Archwinging, my shields down, and I have not idea how that could have been avoided. Also, is it a bad idea (generally) to board enemy crewships? I've seen this claimed elsewhe
  3. That's probably the same cave! I will sure keep an eye out if/when it happens again! 😉
  4. Fictional videogames are also about roleplaying; some of us seem to emphasize more with their characters, it seems. Other players do not. I believe both are OK; people just are different. Now for the game mechanic: I don't think the coins are that rare in case one wants to do granuum void missions. Perhaps the idea was to have some use for the coins after a player had already farmed Protea; otherwise they would become kind of useless (AFAIK they don't have additional uses; well they can be used as lore coins at the hand, but that's about it.... Haven't tried Granuum Void missions personal
  5. Hmm, interesting. How is one supposed to do that exactly, is there a hackable console nearby or something? I don't recall seeing those on the map (as buttons/consoles usually do show up), but I wasn't actually looking for them. Only listening to the humming sound of a cache (and, IIRC I had some kind of loot detector at the time and also looking for the resource icons).
  6. There is the type of bounty challenge, where there is a minimal amount of enemies which need to be cleared (it is presented to the player as if that was the whole challenge). When they have been killed, Lotus will notify, something is wrong and that the Grineer will start assaulting by sending more troops in dropships. I believe this is the type of challenge @(NSW)straightmale was referring to. The counter is dropping from 100% to 0%, and at 0% there will be a failure; and killing (even a few) enemies will hugely increase this counter (representing control of the area). First: the troops
  7. In case you are going to run relics in any case, prioritize and see if you get lucky with RNG. I was only missing one part for Soma Prime (rare Axi part = Stock) - and no Axi S7s left anymore in my inventory. In many random public runs, there were Axi S7's being opened... and after a while time, I got lucky ;-) Actually, got lucky for a second time later with the Soma Prime Stock, even though I wasn't looking for one anymore.
  8. I've had this problem too, actually, three times so far. On all occasions we worked around it by going to the other players dojo and trading there (which rules out MR or trade limit requirements, since the trade succeeded there). I asked in the Warframe.market Discord (it seemed like a fitting problem for chat at the time) and, indeed, only thing in my case which was not ruled out was this: It never occured me to ask when it happened. It is a known bug, though, that sometimes, when you invite someone to your Dojo, they will spawn inside their railjack (not yours). This means it ca
  9. Same E-mail address used for registration? But you are in the right in that there is no 100% certain way (that I can think of) they at DE could determine some two accounts are actually registered by the same person. There could be false negatives or false positives (family members, which could - if they so wish - even use the same email address...) - in the latter case a support ticket explaining the situation could solve the issue, though. However, just don't trade between the accounts to stay out of trouble. It is forbidden in the TOS for a good reason (IMO).
  10. Get all the widgets, including (or perhaps most importantly) the one (Vector-Thread widget) which makes the scanning faster. You know, whenever you try to take a picture of a catKavat, it will not remain still .... 🤣 Also, Cross-Matrix Widget can be handy (sometimes get two scans per scan) to increase your chances of actually getting a genetic code... That's the way I got them scanned. It is a bit fiddly (as they don't remain still) but does work. I believe there are some frames which can stun enemies (forgot which ones) or blind them, and it should slow them down. There are tips in
  11. I agree with all points. However, as you are aiming for something to ease your progress later on: don't worry about that. You can not make mistakes in this game; if you've missed something, you can always go back and get it later. After all, the things you might miss, are always because of some kind of grind (i.e. do this bossfight many times because of RNG-based drops etc.). Some parts may be too difficult for a beginner; if it feels like that, do something else for a while. If something is boring/too grindy -> same thing, stop worrying about it and do something else. In other wo
  12. Make the Spy mission on Lua (Pavlov). It does not have alert consoles in the general level for the enemies to trigger. As a bonus / annoyance (depending on your stance) it does have different than average data console challenge areas (=spy section ... whatever you call'em). However, you indeed only need to complete / successfully retrieve one piece of data (with or without alarm is irrelevant). There are several locked doors within some challenge areas, and apparently these count (though there might be some RNG involved here, as I believe the challenge areas are chosen from a pool).
  13. Hi, For some reason host migration isn't working in Plains of Eidolon (and possibly other open areas, but haven't tried on them). Should host migration work in Plains of Eidolon at all? I have seen some posts from 2017 which have this problem, and it is suggested to manually leave the squad. However, it is easy to not know about this - as with ordinary missions, there is only option to continue or abort. Also, that wouldn't have helped with two situations where the host just left suddenly, without no indication it would happen. I've had three situations today where the host left
  14. Hi all forum readers (and possibly devs), I'm worried that my kavats can not do their species typical behavior during their stays on the orbiter. I mean, it's all fine and dandy if he/she is with me on a mission but sometimes I'm forced to not take them along with me for several days, even weeks, since I do missions with some sentinel, alone, or even with a kubrow. So I think a kavat climbing tree is needed for he/she or they (in case there are several) for them to sharpen their claws, and even though going outside would be much better, something to climb on. But I haven't found such
  15. The calculations needed for (unique) mods are trivial to implement. The "difficult" part here is just implementing effect X in code; then just apply the needed value(s) as per any players riven mod(s) in use. I don't believe it has anything to do with computing/server capacity; It's just a cash cow (slots? Similarly trivial to add; any player would have hard time farming enough mods to exceed a capacity of a server or the game engine, with the rates they are available). Also, using them seems just way too tedious to use in any case. I'm probably not going to bother with them (unless, I h
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