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  1. Getting a bit OT, but I disagree. The converse would be wrong. The reason here is that any application using an account (anywhere) can use that account only with a token derived with the help of a secret (your password) known only by the account holder (you). If this wasn't true, there is no way the account holder can be sure they are in control of their account. In this situation, there was a breach. In worst case scenario, someone abusing the breach has some application running which can access your twitch account data. For this reason, if/when one chances their password, all connections (tokens) to the account should be reset (this is true for all accounts requiring a password, not just twitch - and in any situation when a password is reset; whether there was a breach is somewhat irrelevant, but if anything, this is even more important if there has been a known breach).
  2. The Equinox is one of the most annoying warframes to farm, though arguably this can be seen as opinionated. Personally, I dislike all farms which require repeated boss fights, as I find doing the same boss fight over-and-over again very boring. The game already is mainly about grinding (once one has made all the quests), but the other grinds are not that boring (IMHO... I can see other players may have different feelings on this).
  3. One can wish this would be useful for the NW challenge. If you belong to those, I've saved you the trouble of trying: it doesn't count towards the 5 required for the challenge. They need to be regular missions :-( (I abhor steel path).
  4. The parts of the broken war are much, much more harder to get than the BP (or maybe I'm just lucky with the RNG, having had several blueprints for ages). The Stalker will drop by every now and then, whether you wanted it or not. OTOH, so far I have had no reason to go farming for it's parts, as it seems I have no other business wherever the Conculysts, Ortholysts, Summulysts and Aerolysts are. And even if there was - the drop rate of the parts is ridiculously low. You need to kill the Stalker only ~246 times to have a nearly guaranteed BP drop, but for the *ysts you need 1,516 kills to be guaranteed to get both parts, and the latter ones are much, much rarer than Stalker (unless one goes specifically looking for them). But just today, I noticed the parts are available at Cephalon Simaris? Was this added in some update? A few tip for newbies: 1. Before selling any weapon you don't like, check the weapon's wiki page. Things to look out are 1) it's ingredients and 2) if it is usable for crafting requirements for other weapons. For MR, that link is really useful - for every ingredient weapon you might want to level up (a non-potatoed one) to use as ingredients, and save on slots per n:o mastered weapons! 2. If a weapon is easy to rebuild if need arises (and especially if it sucks in other peoples opinions) - then sell it. But remember, that slots are actually quite cheap. If you don't want to shell out real money, farm some Prime parts and sell them for plat.
  5. Maybe the problem is (well, @DarknessNightshade already kind of pointed it out): Railjack requires co-operation, while the regular part of the game doesn't. In another thread, someone said something along the lines of: "There's a team playing where every member plays the same game alone". It is quite difficult to actually spoil other players experience in the regular game (arguably, it is possible, but personally I feel it doesn't happen to an extend where it would actually have been a problem). With Railjack, it is much easier - either intentionally or by accident (probably - I'm very novice when it comes to railjack and definitely are still getting used to even the basics). But I also think if you are on public mode, anything goes. Use your clan/recruit chat/whatever if you don't like it. I would still welcome some control over the crew for the host of Railjack missions.
  6. This probably explains why trading has (generally) worked better in another clan's dojo. The few times I've traded something, the other player has often still been at the spawn when I spawn there. But when I've invited someone, I've used a transporter to go to the trading post to impatiently wait there until the player is in the squad...
  7. Hi, I've had this problem (as in title) seldomly before but now it seems to be a nuisance. Previously, there was usually a 15-30seconds delay after the other participant had loaded in, before trading could be initiated from the trading post (i.e. it has never actually been smooth sailing). I though it's just some part in warframe logic being slow to refresh itself properly. But now trading seems impossible even after waiting several (literal) minutes at my clan's dojo, ad as such, trading seems practically impossible. How is it going for other Tenno out here? Any ideas as to what might be a cause and how to work around? I'm aware to tell the other participant to quick travel to some lab (in case they have spawned in the drydock). Very often we've still had problems after the other participant (who is not in my clan) invites to their Dojo, but so far I've been able to complete all trades at the other player's clan's Dojo. It's still annoying and time consuming to both parties. Hope this gets fixed and/or there are workarounds! (maybe I should post in the bugs section, too?)
  8. I'm sorry, but I still don't get it. Re-quoting myself (emphasis added): I.e.: they still calculate and know the tax when the customer pays. Why don't they calculate it into the price displayed at the shelf? Or does the choices the customer make inside the shop somehow affect the price (including taxes) of any single item? I didn't mean the taxes per se, but the way they are handled (the price at the self is not the same as the final price customer needs to pay).
  9. Getting wildly OT, btw., but... Why does that prevent the taxes being baked into the price, actually? I mean, we have had computers at the cashier for like, maybe 50 years in anything but the smallest shops out there, and even in every booth/kiosk selling you can find for around 30 years (or more). Baking the tax into the price should be trivial, even without some calculator, as the shop already knows the tax rate (despite calculating it might be complicated) and needs to bake it in the final total anyways. The US system just seems confusing for a consumer (coming from someone outside the US). One reason for the current system (I can think of) is a political play; someone (against these taxes) wanted it to stand out for the customer and wanted the taxes being rubbed into the face of the customer every time they buy something; it is like "this is how much the stuff you bought actually costs, but because of trade taxes you pay this much more"! (as a sidenote: where I live, the VAT is displayed separately at the receipt; however, the price displayed at the store next to any item is the total price including any taxes).
  10. A primed cyst.... does that mean that it will explode soon???? (lol) Got it? Got it? Since it is primed, it's ready to explode, contrary to the non-prim... ahm, yeah I will find the door myself thank you.
  11. I tried to make the misinterpretation (how ones train of though might go) as clear as possible. Someone who is not at all into sports (either playing them or following matches from TV etc) the description might be confusing. Moreover, the description does not mention rounds at all, but wagers. Also, the wagers do work as if they are separate matches. One still gets the return or profit of previous wagers (*ahem* matches *ahem*), even if one loses a subsequent wager. So clearly, they seem to be separate matches, not rounds, as their prices are given individually (they do scale up in difficulty). I don't seem to be the only making a misinterpretation. See:https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/esports/warframe-e2-80-93-how-to-easily-complete-the-day-trader-nightwave-challenge/ar-BB1envaE (actually, I found that site before attempting the weekly challenge, and it confused me even more).
  12. I was confused about the day trader. See here. Talking about "wagers" and "matches" can be confusing. I would suggest the tooltip (if ever implemented) would read something like: You must complete (and win) 3 rounds in one match on the Index, Neptune, without Nef Anyos troops scoring any points. Or, maybe I'm the only one who finds it confusing...
  13. Umm no, "one match" definitely does not refer to that, though you are right on that you can not quit in between the rounds (that has always been clear to me as per my op). Let's look at The whole description of the challenge: Win 3 wagers in a row without letting the enemy score in one match of The Index So, "not quitting in between" is taken care of the "in a row" part. I still believe the description is ambiguous on how many (one or all 3?). Actaully, it still reads to me as one should be enough (though English is not my native language). And to not leave any ambiguity, my suggested fixed description in it's totality would be: Win 3 wagers in a row without letting the enemy score in any of the matches of The Index EDIT: Nope! I re-read it again. I'm leaving the above because it makes it clear how the text can be misinterpreted. Let's try to interpret it in parts: "Win 3 wagers --" (check, we need to win 3 wagers) "-- in a row --" (so, one can not do anything in between, or lose) "-- without letting the enemy score --" (ok, they can not score) "-- in one match --" (ok, I can not play these games in different sessions of:) "-- The Index." Hurray! Alternative (wrong!) interpretation: "Win 3 wagers --" (check, we need to win 3 wagers) "-- in a row --" (so, one can not do anything in between, or lose, or quit from the Index) "-- without letting the enemy score --" (ok, they can not score) "-- in one match --" (ok, in one of the three matches of:) "-- The Index." Sorry for perhaps making it too clear 😅
  14. I think DE should incorporate a real shop into the game. It would simplify things and remove a lot of this kind of issues. Though, OPs post was an interesting read, so I suppose current system has some benefits 😉 Most (everyone?) probably knows this already, but why not use warframe.market. If it wasn't there, I would have probably never traded anything in the game. Something like the trade chat seems like the worst possible way to buy or sell stuff. Something like this has been suggested probably many times before: Replace the whole Dojo trading post mechanism (it is as cumbersome as it is, even without the trade chat), but instead let it be a buy/sell terminal for a global market. Or better yet: have a global buy/sell terminal in the Orbiter (and a shortcut in the menu, as for everyone else). In this case the trading post in the clan Dojo could be exclusive terminal for just the clan (+visitors?) / hush-hush trading between players currently there. That would enable an exclusive (discounted) trading between friends ;-).
  15. Huh, ok I guess that explains it then. Thank you guys :-). The choice of words for the challenge is weird, though. Why "one match" and not "any of the matches"? Some howto's online seem to suggest that one should be enough.
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