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  1. Also i have prime weapons yet im still having trouble so not very helpfull Zilchy but otherwise thanks for the feedback Editing this comment: Just finished the last part, thanks guys for the tips i honestly thought limbo would be best because of his 4 but i guess not, Finished it with nekros, was hard but did it, thanks
  2. Huh, you guys know what kind of warframes would be good. Also do you guys know if you can do this Co-Op?
  3. Well ok but even when i havent even banished anyone and ive entered the rift they still hit me, Without cataclysm just the passive, Ive realized this as a problem when ive gone to other missions as well
  4. Yeah im keeping both in mind, even when i have both disabled and im in the rift alone im still getting hit
  5. My build is mostly for range and duration, But what i dont get is how its getting hit when ive banished no one and im in my void. My weaponry dont have an actual build ive just put in damage and stat mods in it
  6. OK so i have limbo prime, When im in my rift and trying to heal i somehow get hit while in the rift (though less than when im outside)??? WTF. I havent even banished anyone and im somehow getting hit, All the freaking sentients keep adapting to my damage and swarming me, I cant even freaking do this quest because everytime when i exit the rift to hit something (even before then im getting hit somehow?!??) I immeadetly die, It is so infuriating to have so many sentients, Ospreys, and a crap ton of corpus soldiers swarm me, And i dont even know if you can co-op, If you cant, What the f***.
  7. Sorry just realized that theyre not primed theyre regular, Does this mean that you cant trade non-prime blueprints?
  8. So i'm trying to trade with this guy and i'm trying to sell him the Frost Prime System & Neuroptics, I have double checked my inventory and foundation and it says that I do have the blueprints. Yet when i trade with this guy the items do not appear in my inventory. Am I missing something or is this just a bug?
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