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  1. It's interesting and you could be right. I had to look it up because it didn't know that the devices were often made with such head:
  2. Yeah I knew that someone would say this, especially how it dangles in front of her body (chassis).
  3. BTW for people who don't grow in western culture like me, that Victorian-mourning-dress-wearing-woman-look in Bonewidow may not be obvious. But this thread is mainly about how DE artist could creatively make a 'mech to look like that. Have you ever thought that maybe because they needed to incorporate the 'mech's big ass shield into the look, they chose a "widow"?
  4. You are right. In the case of Inaros though, he has a base head like Chroma/Prime and all of his alternative "heads" are "helmets" that go on top of his base head. This head has a set of eyes. Indeed. For someone who isn't familiar with that, it's pretty fascinating to me. Moreover how the artists could integrate that look into the 'mech.
  5. I have to admit that DE has really talented concept artists. They also pay attention to details, like, if you view Inaros Prime from the front, his helmet/face has fake eyes (his real eyes are hidden and only visible from the side). In this thread we want to take a look at the new 'mech, the Bonewidow: The "helmet" combined with how the shield hangs in front of her body when it's not in use makes her look like a woman in a mourning dress: I think the artists chose to translate this look because they thought that it would fit the 'mech's short ranged specialist theme - and it
  6. Sure, DE would need to add more dedicated server capacity compared to what they already have. I don't know how much resources it would take but the hardest part could be writing and testing the net code, I imagine.
  7. Maybe if DE is feeling really brave and adventurous (and stupid), they would make the upcoming Duviri's open world function like Destiny's shared worlds.
  8. It's a preset 'mech (or 'mechs if more are coming) whose power and abilities are specifically tuned for this mode.
  9. That could actually still work if there are sufficient tiered enemies (Mesa is good at clearing trash mobs but not bosses) and various game mechanics in the mode. Imagine if the final boss ("primeevil") functions like Tridolons (just an example) so it helps to bring diverse frames and abilities. The problem with that is the mode could be too complicated and drive new players away.
  10. Make the mobs a bit hard to kill on average. Players who are struggling in defeating the more powerful mobs (like mini bosses) because of them bringing non-optimal builds and gear can pick "relic weapons" dropped in this mode and use them to kill those stronger enemies. That's just one solution I can think of. There could be others.
  11. Now that I think about it, we already have something like this in game! It's Fomorian vs Razorback Alert! Yes, it's a stretch but in my head it's an evidence that the devs did have considered putting PvEvP in the game, constrained by what the game was capable at. So imagine taking this "Fomorian vs Razorback Alert" format but now both sides are joined by players at the same time. Now we want to introduce some kind of direct PvP, but maybe not frame vs frame combat because we don't want to give people a reason to be salty about. It could be through Necramechs, or maybe Railjacks. So f
  12. @BahamutKaiser This thread is actually about PvEvP and not copying Destiny's Gambit (it's just an example), that's why it's on General Discussion and not Feedback so people can chime in and well, discuss their ideas. If something good materializes, maybe we can put it on Feedback. And regarding your last comment about "client sided game", this is actually also a way to make DE consider implementing more dedicated server features into the game (yes it would be a lot of work).
  13. Then you can propose a more balanced PvEvP mode yourself in this thread. In Destiny's Gambit, the PvP part (invasion) is intended to be asymmetrical. Here I try to emphasize the PvE aspect by removing the possible existence of "meta invading frame builds" by making the invaders always take up a 'mech.
  14. It actually doesn't have to copy Destiny's Gambit, I just used that as an example to pitch the PvEvP game mode. You can post your own ideas here.
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