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  1. I just wanted to say that I dreaded the thought of doing a no-air, one hour kuva survival with a friend but when it came down to it I went with my oldest clanmate and we had a great time as a duo. Sorry I know those were two separate objectives but it seemed more efficient to roll them into a single task worth 10k. My point is that the idea of it was, for some reason, much worse that the genuinely good time I had executing it. Conversely I really didn't enjoy the tridolon hunts, maybe because there's much more of a meta to adhere to when you going for the Hydrolyst. At least you have a lot more freedom to play with stuff you enjoy.
  2. To be fair, even if you killed him he has, what, a 2% chance to drop the motor? My worst wolf encounter was on Lua running the challenge rooms for Nightwave when two sentients spawn in front of me, then the Wolf spawns behind me with his invincibuddies. Between the sentients both using their ults at the same time and the fire bombs from the fugitives and the fact that the wolf knocked me down so I just had to lay there and take it... they melted my poor Inaros in about three seconds. Very unfortunate timing.
  3. I struggle to play other games because they feel so flat compared to Warframe. The movement system is great - I feel like a character from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon gliding through the air, leaping great heights, running up walls etc. I can't wait wait for them to put back proper wall running.
  4. I'm not sure what the fuss is about. DE stated from the start that they introduced rivens to shake up the meta. They see the stats, they know what weapons people use and they can see the meta. They told us directly that riven dispositions are affected by usage stats and that as usage changes they will revise the dispositions. None of this should be a surprise. I'm not surprised. Many of the other commenters here are not surprised. My question to the OP is: why are you surprised? The only thing that surprised me was the fact rivens exist at all. They were released within days of Steve saying on a devstream that he doesn't like mods that directly improve a weapon such that they become mandatory, such as Serration / Point Blank / Hornet Strike / Pressure Point and that he regrets those mods being in the game. Against this backdrop it's clear to me that top-tier weapons becoming default picks again, despite having the lowest possible riven dispositions, was going to provoke a reaction from DE.
  5. That is true however I'm not sure if the OP has done Second Dream yet.
  6. Any frame that has invisibility will have an advantage against the roaming sentinels in the grineer vaults. If you have an friendly Octavia then almost any frame is viable in this situation. As mentioned by others Loki is good for putting your decoy on the other side of a laser barrier and then switch teleporting with it. In fact this is how I farmed up my Ivara. Ash can be good for going invisible and teleporting to non-sensor drone enemies in order to bypass barriers. More useful in corpus and infested vaults since hitting the grineer sensor drones will set off the alarms if you don't one-shot them 😞 In infested spy vaults you mainly just need to worry about cameras, which you can shoot. Generally Ivara with the Infiltrate augment trivialises all spy vaults since it lets her ignore all laser barriers that you cannot normaly avoid. The most important thing is to practise running the vaults as there are often two or three different routes which allow you to choose how long it takes to get to the vault and what hazards to bypass. I don't mean that to sound trite, but honestly, familiarity is the best thing you can bring to a vault. Especially so for the Lua spy missions where being invisible just means you can wander around forever while lost. Happy stealing!
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