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  1. I'm not sure what the fuss is about. DE stated from the start that they introduced rivens to shake up the meta. They see the stats, they know what weapons people use and they can see the meta. They told us directly that riven dispositions are affected by usage stats and that as usage changes they will revise the dispositions. None of this should be a surprise. I'm not surprised. Many of the other commenters here are not surprised. My question to the OP is: why are you surprised? The only thing that surprised me was the fact rivens exist at all. They were released within days of Steve saying on a devstream that he doesn't like mods that directly improve a weapon such that they become mandatory, such as Serration / Point Blank / Hornet Strike / Pressure Point and that he regrets those mods being in the game. Against this backdrop it's clear to me that top-tier weapons becoming default picks again, despite having the lowest possible riven dispositions, was going to provoke a reaction from DE.
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