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  1. I've made a thread about this and it seems that the 60-90-120 standing we get for killing those enemies ends up being relevant on the long run, which is true. However, I really wish they wouldn't spawn on open worlds. Another option would be to convert Cephalite Resonance into standing. We have a cap of 20 (or 30?), if each piece of Resonance netted 100, then 2000 or 3000 standing wouldn't be a bad return.
  2. I will not argue just to defend my initial point of view, you have a point. I do think they make no sense other than giving you that 90-150 standing from time to time. Perhaps they could spawn as minions to aid you and keeping them alive for a certain time would net you standing. At least it becomes entirely optional.
  3. It's usually what, 150 standing? Pick your poison I guess, lose 150 standing every 20 minutes or... "hoooooold up..."
  4. While I understand Nightwave is still going on, glass enemies are nothing more than a hindrance if you've beaten Nihil. They also have no purpose - negligible amounts of Standing, Cephalite Resonance has no use as soon as you're done with all 5 episodes and the boss fight. Finally, it makes no sense. We killed the Glassmaker, didn't we? Who's making all those glass soldiers now? Other than messing up riven challenges, spy missions and fishing/mining for absolutely zero reward, why are they there if I finished the quest line?
  5. Dang it, just get a Forma, forma the weapon, get yourself an affinity booster and do 10 waves on Sedna (on public) with only that weapon. The whole thing should take around 15-20 minutes. Now, if you really min max every weapon you've got, I don't know what to tell you.
  6. It's funny how people always whine about something that needs nerfing, only to have the audacity of coming to this exact same place to whine about nerfs, which inevitably end up coming.
  7. Gotta say it was kinda annoying, but once I got the hang of it, it was satisfying to beat it. Wish we would get a sword and not a blueprint though.
  8. Can't see anyone spending 200 hours opening relics and not having enough ducats. In any case, this week's Baro is probably one of the worst ever, so save your ducats.
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