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  1. Espero esta felicitación se haga extensiva a todos los que hacen possible este maravilloso juego. Salu2 desde mi Orbitador ^w^
  2. Hola! No se si es un bug, o se os ha pasado por alto, o no se que ha pasado, pero estos dos mods que estaban bien traducidos hasta el ultimo parche, ahora están en inglés ... Enfoque de energía y Espiral de reflejo Salu2
  3. in my opinion, the jellyfish things make it a lil better for that "stealth" way of thinking. But the armor view of the tank top thing put above the "tits" for make it more specificly..... it's hard to cover it, with "glyph's" or other visual seals. P.D.:bcz the armor thing it's in a superior position and cover the visual things who left under.
  4. It's only my opinion, but in the future "dev''s" will work about Ivara Prime rework? bcz the "tank top" she have in the front, hidden the possible "Glyph's" or sindicates or clan banner images u can put in this warframe. THX!!
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