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  1. Gaze riven + Damage + Multishot + Status Chance 5 rolls today when i login i see it's not in inventory anymore could anyone help see if there is any trade info to reclaim it back or i lost it forever? i just crafted gaze went to sleep then now when i login i see its gone i changed my password if that was the case but its stil not there.
  2. yep reaper realy looks like that movie pacific rim knifehead monster :D hope hes cool :D
  3. i wish the comunity was better for this game its too much hate and people that rush enemy i posted on players helping players that i quit warframe and they remove my post.. no one seems to care of veterans of ths game we have no free speech to express our feellings all that they see from us is time spent and how much money we spend in the game .
  4. doesnt work like that i tried run it on windows vista doesnt work says i need upgrade OS
  5. all value DE team see is time we waste and money we spend in game they do not care of veterans
  6. i thaught directx 11 will get removed for directx 12 but seems i was wrong ? it says directx 10 but this was removed with windows vista and xp , 11 is with windows 2k and 7, it was supose to be directx 12 this year new graphics we are in 2021 yet still directx 11 and no game servers.
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