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  1. I've completed every Nightwave challenge to date (2nd July 2021), but remain at rank 61 with 952k standing. See the screenshot below.
  2. > What if I get Strength or Range on my Nova? You don't have to choose to invigorate.
  3. Topic - see images for comparison between Protea's default skin and her Kollapsar skin.
  4. Sevagoth's move speed is 0.95 right now. You're suggesting making his Shadow have a sprint speed is 1.25 and Sevagoth himself have 1.35. For reference, Loki/Prime has a sprint speed of 1.25, and Gauss' speed is 1.4 - I think making him this fast would be a little too much, y'know?
  5. In your orbiter, go to Navigation->Railjack missions (top right of your screen, just under alerts/invasions/etc.)->Dry Dock.
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