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  1. i asked around on my alliance and apparently its something DE did where they gave orphans computers to design a 3d model of stuff and the best one got added to the game. I'll keep looking for anything official that DE has said about this
  2. Anyone have a idea of what this "fridger" is? My guess its the part of the stuff to help cool down venus
  3. at minimum to unlock sorties, you have to be mr5. You can start trading any riven (tho not use them all) at mr8
  4. So, like the title said, after a bit, one of the forges just won't show the interact prompt meaning you can't use the forge. Both host and client couldn't use them as well. Seems like a temporary fix to this is for the host to leave the dojo then join back in the squad. This fixes it for a bit until it happens again. Here's a screenshot of it
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