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  1. The buffs are great - except aqua blades. Currently, aqua blades won’t hit enemies inside the diameter. Increasing range, without it being modable, makes it worse. Consider making enemies take damage inside the diameter of the ability and make the ability scale off modded range. If DE believes it’s over powered, give it a damage fall off from the outside diameter to Yureli.
  2. I like the guarantee on the Sisters, but I’ve already farmed all the weapons. That means I have to do void storms which haven’t been my friend. I did 21 runs last weekend and received two instances of holokeys. I really feel the drop chance needs changes or add them to the endless missions as a B rotation. I don’t need a guarantee, but 2 in 21 is discouraging.
  3. I find the changes, overall, great. Some of the new mods and arcanes will reward skilled players. The melee mod changes aren’t too painful, melee will probably still be meta. A few of these changes seem targeted at players that just leech or hide in corners. These are the changes I welcome! My only gripe is having to unlock the arcane slot for each gun. I hope they cost a reasonable amount of steel essence. Otherwise, it will be a heavy grind to be able to try multiple guns.
  4. Please, is there anyway to fix loosing all your loot after a failed host migration. Took 2 hours to farm the relic I needed, spent 100 dust, finally got the gara prime part I needed, host quit or lost connection, now no relic, no void dust, no gara prime part.
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