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  1. Like i said in my post, i don't have it there
  2. So some of my clan members have been talking about them being able to use the Directx 12 beta(i think beta), and said it has to be enabled from the launcher settings. When i checked my launcher settings, i don't seem to have that option of Directx 12, it shows only Dx10 and Dx11, i'm on steam btw and i have reinstalled the game too, my current OS is windows 10 64x with Directx 12 what am i missing?
  3. I'm around nearly 150 days into this game, but from what I've read and what I've experienced, zaw nikana problem is not just old but goes further than just the current broken animations since Deimos. Even before Deimos, the mission extraction scene, while wielding a zaw nikana would result in the warframe holding both the sword and the scabbard in each hands, as if wielding dual nikanas (which would be cool). The game literally treats the scabbard as a sword too(I guess) in some animations, including when attaching a sugatra, both the sword and the scabbard gets a sugatra(again, this doe
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