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  1. This bug has been around for a long time and it's so annoying I avoid k-drive at all costs and do archwing only. A possible workaround is to select something else from you gear menu while you are falling and that may get you back in world. It might require multiple tries or you may just be screwed and have to abort. Why DE can't fix this is beyond me. See also:
  2. K-drive fall-out-of-world bug has been a thing for quite a while (both Plains and Valis) and DE never fixes it. And this getting stuck in Warframe to movement only (no guns, abilities, operator) has also been a thing for a while in eidolon hunts and DE never fixes it. (And I'm on Playstation, so these bugs are x-platform.) It's quite ridiculous. Workaround for K-drive bug: when out-of-world and infinitely falling, use gear menu to switch to something else, you might have to repeat this a few times to get back in world. If it doesn't work you have to abort mission. Workaround for neut
  3. Looks like console got the fix AND the regression that broke the fix (since parts of 29.5.6 PC were pulled into 29.5.5 Console -- specifically Bonewidow changes). From today's PC 29.5.7 notes: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1239954-deimos-arcana-hotfix-2957/
  4. This is a known bug. It was supposed to be fixed in one of the PC hot fixes, but IDK if Console 29.5.5 got that fix. Or maybe it's still an outstanding PC bug too.
  5. Seriously?! That's 25k non-grandma tokens. 5x the cost of Fortuna/Cetus! I hope that's a bug.
  6. This is DEs new strategy. Release a kit in an unusable state and then after many complaints "buff" them. This way they think they can avoid all the nerf complaints and say "see we are buffing, not nerfing". Same thing with the change in default riven disposition for new weapons -- at least there they were forthcoming with their intention.
  7. This would destroy eidolon hunts, where your operator is the only form of damage to shields. How about you just don't use operator if you feel it's a cheese and stop calling for (more) nerfs that affect everyone because you don't like it. SMDH.
  8. The daily Kitgun special. Just like the daily Zaw special on Cetus from Hok. They are usually overpriced though.
  9. No catalyst but they do come with 1 polarization since you buy them pre-gilded.
  10. Or 3. However they nerfed the endless steel essence grind, and that alone would have stopped the Khora meta. So why did they nerf Khora on top of it? Because it's DE and all they know how to do is nerf. Or their new strategy since Xaku -- make the initial release the absolute worst kit possible and then say "look, look! we buffed this piece of crap -- praise us now!". (See Bonewidow too.)
  11. Obviously you didn't watch they whole stream. In the latter half they mentioned Twitch was having problems with drops and they could not fix it. So no one got a drop that day. They are going to re-run the Braton Vandal Receiver next week. We should know which day tomorrow when they post the stream schedule.
  12. Orthos or Kronen. The prime versions are some of the best melee in the game.
  13. Maybe the model has not loaded in yet? For some reason pet models can be slow to load. If you try to mod a pet in the arsenal while the model is not loaded it will give you an error.
  14. Wait until they add Archwing subsume support to Helminth, you'll have to farm a 3rd one.
  15. One more huge forced and gated grind: open world syndicates. So little actual content that DE forces you to grind over and over to get useful things. A lot of times they lock things behind TWO different world syndicates (e.g. Xaku). Grind is easy and engaging story hard. And DE has been taking the easy way out for 2 years now. Warframe has turned into Warfish/mine/conserve and it's depressing.
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