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  1. i know i removed the part about excalibur prime because i remembered the point you made but also because if i was in a founders perspective i wouldnt want anyone to have something that is founder exclusive because that would be extremely unfair thanks for that i kinds got carried away
  2. None of the older vulted prime warframes and weapons have really been avalible for the switch and some of the prices for these are ridiculous. Loki prime (my personal favourite) hasn’t been available much on the switch aswell as nyx prime and rhino prime plus a lot of the prime gear they come with and are way too expensive in trade chat or other fan sites. im not talking like 500+ platinum per set im talking 1000+ platinum wherever you look and ive actually done research on this and even though some frames that have been unvulted before not too long ago like loki prime in 2019 are still worth
  3. honestly when they finally unvult loki prime my arsenal would just be complete except for the huge ash prime hole in the middle
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