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  1. sorry for the writing mode and I vent how annoyed I am about that. sortie has horrible rewards in sortie like kuva, endo. now there will be this ridiculous mod booster. better to leave as they are this booster goes only to add but useless crap for game.
  2. Sorry for the words: but it is a prize bag spin in sortie useless stuff like endo, anasa and kuva, there puts booster to drop mod? this ridiculous new but easy booster you let drop like this and not put this useless boster
  3. finally [DE] ❤️ doing prime accessories rotations was about to come back from nekros and vauban
  4. Now only comes that unvaluts nyx, rhino, nova, loki poxa + 3 years in a row same thing. for God's sake [DE] change that roulette wheel that's already boring my god.😤😤😤
  5. Skills 2 and 3 wukong can not die unless the player is very bad. should remove these buff: Heavenly Cloak: Invisibility for 30 seconds. Cosmic Armor: Invulnerable for 30 seconds. there is no sense in having these buff. Already the other buff that he gains must remain direct until the end of the mission.
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