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  1. Yea exactly. The only way DE can do that is to either shorten the mission time so that its no different than fissures or to increase the rewards so that people who want a guaranteed drop chance can put in the extra time in one run if they wish to. People who want ducats or forma can do the fissures and then there will be both people playing storms and fissures.
  2. I wouldn't say the length of the mission is ridiculous, but rather the rewards and miniscule drop chance of holokeys just dont make running void storms exactly worth the time and effort.
  3. Hmmm... true but there's also the issue that, like you said, most of us will get bronze and so if all of a group gets bronze, maybe even a silver, then its still not worth the time. And now that I see, 15% probably isn't enough even if it were to be implemented. Not a bad idea, although this would probably also scale with the average time fissures take to complete. Ex, if fissures take on average 5 minutes to complete and if a void storm takes 20 minutes, then 4 relics could be chosen before the mission starts and would crack them all in one run.
  4. I originally posted this on the commenting part of the Warframe Wiki and decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to post it here to get more opinions. Lmk if I need to clarify things. Here's an idea to improve the reward system of void storms so that the reward is a bit more worth it: make all relics brought in one tier higher than before and more tiers are rewarded for a tougher/longer mission. If the player chooses to make it radiant still before joining the mission, their odds would increase a lil past that with something like a 15% chance at a rare instead of the 10% normal radiant. Sure less player would play normal void fissures but void storms are just not worth the time or effort if fissures, which are faster and easier overall, are also available and give the same rewards. And if players are farming for ducats then faster(meaning the void fissures) would be better since one uncommon every 5 or so minutes is still better than one rare per 15 minutes.
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